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17,461 IS (Islamic State) Terrorist "Sleepers" Now In Europe; and The Zionist Angela Merkel
Published By The Battle For World Supremacy – Version 1.01
May 11, 2016 – Updated July 26, 2016

BATTLEFORWORLD – May 11, 2016 - News Intel: On behalf of the U.S., Israel, England and Saudi Arabia, 17,461 al Qaeda (ISIS, Daesh) and IS (Islamic State) sleepers, mind-programmed for violence, have sneaked in with the flow of migrants into Europe. And at the opportune time Europe can expect acts of terrorism. The western secret services have thus far denied that this has happened.

"FIGU - Contact Report #642 - January 30, 2016

Meier: You have told me at our previous meeting on January 6 that you are about to clarify how many al Qaida and IS sleepers have sneaked in with the flow of migrants into Europe.

Ptaah: This evaluation was carried out, in fact the investigation lasted until January 20, but we still continue on with it. We identified 17,461 persons that are directly connected with the IS and the al Qaida terror organization that should be designated as so-called sleepers.

Meier: Then Europe can indeed expect quite some acts of terrorism. But when I spoke and wrote that killers of the terror organizations IS and al Qaida are smuggled into Europe with the flow of migrants then it only earned laughter and the secret services even denied that this was the case."

Meier had asked Ptaah in one of the early contacts if he thinks that radical Islam could spread to Europe. Ptaah said at the time that the possibility exists, but publicly he never said how such a possibility could unfold. Would the Europeans be so stupid as to accept radical Islamic immigrants into their country? The way the penetration is being done, using fleeing refugees, is very stealthy, where the European countries do not have much say in the matter, being forced by their darling European Union dictatorship assembly. (Download this PDF and read about the "EU Dictatorship", "the Zionist Angela Merkel" and "European Union Hostility Modern Dictatorship; Not Democracy" pages 367, 529 and 582: Link: > Download From Here – MediaFire )

And Angela Merkel, a Zionist with an Israeli passport, is being ordered by the ruling elites (old wealthy families – Rothschild, the British Crown, Rockefeller, secret societies, etc.) to start a world war in Europe against Russia.

(Filed on September 5, 2015 – Writer: America has threatened Europe, that if Europe was to become friendly with Russia, that Europe would be destroyed. Not by (regular) war, but from Radical Islam Civil Wars.

Behind the scenes, Russia and (the bellicose elite faction in) America are feuding.  Russia knows why the U.S.-U.K.-Israel-Saudi created ISIS. ISIS (Daesh, IS, al Qaeda, etc.) is being used as a geopolitical virus. America told Europe that if it got too friendly with Russia, it was going to unleash refugees into Europe. This would be followed by terrorist acts inside Europe to tear Europe apart.

Russia has warned America that they will not allow ISIS to expand upward into Europe and Russia, and that America must get serious with destroying this ISIS, and if not Russia will. So, it is up to America to get serious with ISIS, if not Russia is going to step in officially to stop ISIS.)

The Elites are not the problem, the Population is, said German President Joachim Gauck. This opinion is coming from the Elites. The Terror War spreading on the planet is supposed to help decimate much of the population. The refugees are being used for a purpose. This is all preplanned to work against the people. [ And the author Samuel P. Huntington wrote a book that was published in 1996 on behave of the Ruling Elites called: The Clash Of Civilizations ] The Elites are still using parts of the old plan, clearing the planet for the pending colonizers that no longer exist.

German text: Jedoch, wie Bundespräsident Gauck, sagt: "Die ELITEN SIND GAR NICHT DAS PROBLEM. DIE BEVÖLKERUNGEN SIND DAS PROBLEM !!!" Link: Video Reference

Future-Europe 2020 resembles Circa 700 A.D., Islam

"Glimpse into future-Europe 2020 resembles Circa 700 A.D. when cities and population centers were run by barbarians, thugs, warlords, marauders, pirates who engaged in rapes, looting, pilfering, enslaving, burning, and killing. Modern, advanced, secular, beautiful Western Civilization is being replaced with medieval, immoral, backward, cultic, filthy Arabian and Middle Eastern barbarity and it's coming sooner than you can say 'Allahu Akbar'. It's only logical that the cancer should be contained before it metastasizes. The sooner the disease is dealt with, the better the prognosis." Link: Video

References – Links:
[ 'Merkel has lost contact with real world,' German politician who left her party tells RT | ISIS sends new waves of terrorists to attack Europe... | Germany to Call for Stockpiling Food, Water Fearing Catastrophic Terror Strike | Secret File Confirms Trump Claim: Obama, Hillary 'Founded ISIS' to Oust Assad | Captured Ukrainian infiltrator testifies he planned to blow up air hub, bus station in Crimea | Sanctions for All! Germany Proposes Restrictive Measures for Disloyal EU States | Merkel Critic Says Chancellor Refugee Policy 'Time Bomb'... | EU Nations Turn on Germany... 'We've had ENOUGH Merkel'... | Support For Germany's Merkel Plunges After Attacks | Angela Merkel's Popularity Falls Following Terrorist Attacks | EUROPE 'AT END OF EXISTENCE'... | Anti-fascist protesters clash with police in Germany | Thousands Of Germans In Streets Against Angela Merkel | MERKEL 'QUEEN OF SMUGGLERS'... | 'She declared war on own people': Merkel vows to stick to open door policy, faces online uproar | Merkel Announces Major Increase in Security Forces After Terror Attacks | Germany mulls internal army use as top officials claim 'Islamist terror has arrived' | MUSLIMS 'BEHEAD' PRIEST IN NORMANDY CHURCH STORM MORNING MASS ISIS CELEBRATES | Shots Fired at Doctor in Berlin, Germany, Attacker Commits Suicide | Daesh (IS) Claims Responsibility for Deadly Hostage Crisis in Church in France | Hundreds of leads on possible terrorists among refugees – German police | One Person Killed, Eleven Injured by Blast in South German City of Ansbach | Syrian Asylum Seeker Kills One, Wounds Two With Machete in German Town of Reutlingen | Six People Reportedly Killed in Shooting in Munich Mall in Germany, Police Special Forces Arrive at the Scene | Lone wolf attacks will soon morph into guerrilla war inside Europe - ex Pentagon adviser | Refugee screaming 'Allahu akbar' attacks German train passengers with axe... | Islamic State reveals it has smuggled THOUSANDS of extremists into Europe | Donald Trump: 10,000 Syrian Refugees Are Threat To America | Terror Strikes South Of France, Bastille Day Attack In Nice | Angela Merkel ADMITS groups of terrorists are in stream of migrants heading to Europe | US imported terrorism to Middle East, new Philippines president says | ISIS MOVES ACROSS EUROPE BORDERS WITH EASE...Terror Cells In Paris And Brussels Part Of A Larger Network | RISE OF GERMAN SUPERSTATE: EU MEMBERS TO DISSOLVE ARMIES SURRENDER ECONOMIC POWER | NATO Unveils New Headquarters Inspired by the Nazi SS Lightning Bolts | France, Italy, Netherlands Now Want Referendum... | Gunman Opens Fire at Movie Theater in Germany, Several Wounded | Muslim women kicked out of cafe accused of 'civilizational jihad'... | ISIS calls for attacks in Berlin and Brussels to 'paralyse' Europe in wake of Brexit chaos | German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier For Peace Stands Up Against The War-Woman Zionist Angela Merkel | Bulgaria Rejects NATO Fleet in the Black Sea, Romania Hurriedly Backs Off | Russia Won't Be Invading NATO Countries, Germany Shouldn't Help Start A New Arms Race – Schroeder | Germany slams NATO 'warmongering' on Russia... | 12 people plotting terror attacks arrested overnight in Belgium, 1 reportedly worked at airport | GEORGE SOROS: EU COLLAPSE... ECONOMIC TROUBLES... | NATO War Games Near Russia 'Pushing Humanity Towards World War III' | German right-wing leader blasts 'dictator' Merkel... | Keep out: U.S. State Department urges Americans not to visit Europe | Are NATO’s Massive War Games on Russia’s Border a Pretext to World War III | Zionists Setting Terrorists On Muslims - Iran | Kremlin: NATO is an instrument created for confrontation | Terrorists Almost Double In Germany In 12 Months | HUNGARY: USA wants to fill Europe with Muslim migrants... | France and Germany warn that ISIS is 'planning attacks' during Euro 2016 | French Security Chief Warns ISIS Plans Wave of Attacks in France | Turkish Blackmail: Ankara to Flood EU With Migrants if Visa Deal Fails | Syrian villagers describe massacre by militant group not added to UN terror blacklist | UK, US, France, Ukraine block Russia's bid to blacklist Syria militant groups | Germany investigates dozens of asylum seekers over terror links | Russian ambassador tells UN Security Council of steps against terrorist ideology | Police seize weapons 'en route to Swedish militants' | Belgium paid Al-Qaeda terrorist nearly €80k in 'moral damages' – reports | Four Women From Syrian Armed Groups Planned Terror Act in South Russia | BORIS: HOW EU WANTS A SUPERSTATE, AS HITLER DID... | Soros-Funded NGOs 'Whisper Into EU's Ear' to Encourage Refugee Influx ]

divider2 The Partitioning Of Lebanon and Syria – An Old Plan With A New Face Of Deception
Published By The Battle For World Supremacy - Version 1.2 (Updated April 16, 2016)

The Partitioning Of Lebanon and Syria – An Old Plan With A New Face Of Deception
BATTLEFORWORLD – April 16, 2016 – News Intel: Back in the early months of 1984, the U.S. and Israel was instigating the collapse of Lebanon for partition, but the Soviet Union intervened and thawed the plan. At the time, Syria was playing a role on behalf of the Soviets to help Lebanon. After the plan was disrupted, the then Old-Conservatives (i.e. a clique of Zionists and exiled Bolsheviks in the then Reagan Administration in America) and Israel realized that Syria was the problem. Using terrorism, the Pentagon, the Reagan White House and the Israeli Mossad started to implement terrorist events, blowing up things and blaming Syria. This was to maneuver Syria into a direct confrontation with the United States. Donald Rumsfeld played an instrumental role as Secretary of State with the Assad (the father) government at the time. The long term plan of the U.S. was to move conflicts closer to the borders of Russia. Thus, the joint U.S.-Israeli strategy to build from Lebanon toward eventual confrontation with the then Soviet Union was making relentless progress. So what we are seeing today, 2016, is an updated version of the old war-plans coming out of Washington, where the U.S. is using false pretenses to push for radical control of regimes close to the borders of Russia, and then work finally to destabilize Russia. Saudi Arabia had fell into the hands of the British; and U.S. into the 1980s using the young princes who came to America for their education and programming by the C.I.A. gave the U.S. traction there, which solidified the Israeli alliance – with the wolves (U.S., U.K. and Israel) manipulating Saudi Arabia toward the greater plan of world domination using Islam as the fire

The US Will Sabotage The Syrian Ceasefire To Start Implementing "Plan B", The Partitioning Of Syria

BATTLEFORWORLD - February 23, 2016 - News Intel: Secretary of State John Kerry told a Senate committee that the US has a "Plan B" if the Syrian ceasefire fails. That the US will begin arming the Syrian Rebels to fully destabilize Syria, so that the Rebels come in direct combat with Assad's forces and the Russian military. The US Neo-conservative hawks believe that "Plan B" will force the implementation of the long realized strategy for the partitioning of Syria, the opinion of the US Brookings Institute. (To secure transit corridors is the secret plan. When you steal the land and seat your puppets that are educated in the West, the multinational corporations get the best deals.) Some might consider this plan to be a wonderful foreign policy gift for the next president of the United States. Its implementation will force a trembling response.

References – Links:
[ Saudi Arabia And Qatar ARE Funding ISIS... | 'US-led criminal enterprise in Syria threatens the world' | Russia Ready to Call on Syria Gov't to Allow al-Nusra to Leave Aleppo Armed - Russian FM Lavrov | US to dismember Syria under the Balkan scenario | Leaked Tapes Reveal Secretary of State John Kerry Still Wants War Against Syria | Lavrov to BBC: US protecting Syrian Al-Qaeda / Nusra for plan B to change regime in Syria | 'US had never had 'Plan A' for Syria, West a root cause of crisis' – Syrian UN envoy to RT | US 'spare Nusra for plan B' to change regime in Syria – Lavrov | US Could Have Plotted to Use Terrorists as 'Plan B' in Fight With Assad - Lavrov | US Armed Forces Apparently Do Not Obey Obama's Orders on Syria - Lavrov | US-Backed New Syrian Army: Part of a Plan to Establish Pipelines? | Catfight: Pentagon and CIA at Odds Over Syria | US asks Russia not to target Al-Qaeda branch in Syria – Russian FM Lavrov | Caught on camera: US Special Forces on ISIS frontline in Syria | Al Qaeda Goes to Washington for Consultations with U.S. State Department | Moscow calls on EU not to support Turkey’s plans of safety zones in Syria | Déjà Vu? 'West Prepares Libyan Scenario for Syria' | US Senate Foreign Relations Chair Calls for 'Plan B' in Syria | US-backed Proxies, Use Ceasefire in Syria to 'Regroup, Rearm and Prepare' | Russia FM: There is no "plan B" on Syria and there never will be | Lavrov: Those questioning viability of Russian-US agreements on Syria are calling for war | US officials tried to sabotage ceasefire agreement on Syria – Russian Foreign Ministry | Does Kerry's 'Plan B' on Syria Originate From 2008 Secret US-Saudi Plan? | Kremlin Comments on Kerry's 'Plan B' Should Syrian Ceasefire Deal Fail | Russia role vital to Syrian truce, but US has ‘Plan B’ – Kerry | Syria truce center launched at Khmeimim airbase, Russia hands over hotline contact to US ]

Published By The Battle For World Supremacy - Version 1.0 (Updated February 24, 2016)

BATTLEFORWORLD – February 24, 2016 – News Intel: The world domination animal that is trying to subdue and rule the Earth. These formations are only a part of the Beast System Movement of Globalization: USCENTCOM, USSOCOM, USNORTHCOM, USSOUTHCOM, USPACOM, USSTRATCOM, USTRANSCOM, USEUCOM, USAFRICOM. Watch this documentary – AFRICOM: The USA returns to Africa: Link: Video

References – Links:
[ Ex-Bush Official: 'War is a Racket' Led by Corporations, Not Security | The Secret American Dream: The Creation of a New World Order with the Power By Nicholas Hagger Author | Unified Combatant Command ]

The Revelation Of
Ogmios, The Great Leader Foretold Centuries Ago By The French Seer Nostradamus

Published By The Battle For World Supremacy - Version 1.24 (Updated May 27, 2016)

BATTLEFORWORLD – October 25, 2015 – News Intel: The terrorist movement being spearheaded by the United States, Britain, Israel, Europe, Saudi Arabia, etc. will eventually fail. The counter forces fighting against this western-backed terrorist movement will eventually win, but the fight will be long and bloody if the West decides to continue to support terrorism to fulfill its geopolitical goals of pipeline...transit corridors, waterways, etc. In the quatrain below, Nostradamus hinted at the arrival of Putin and the now unfolding strategic battle in the Middle-East.

Ogmios (i.e. President Vladimir Putin of Russia) will approach great Byzantium (i.e. Syria, Turkey, Egypt, etc.), the barbarian (i.e. the US-Western Terrorist Movement) league will be driven out. Of the two laws, the pagan (used as a derogatory word: i.e. anti-human ideology, the radicalization of Islam by the West for geopolitical goals) one will fail. Barbarian and freeman (i.e. the supporters against the US-Western Terrorist Movement) in perpetual struggle.

This is an important step for President Putin to make. It is a logical and destined step written in prophecy. ISIS/Daesh and other Jihadist (i.e. al-Qaeda, ISIL, etc.) groups are known as the "barbarian league". These terrorist groups are generated by the West and their allies for geopolitical goals. ISIS was created to destabilize Syria and overthrow President Assad so that the US-British-Israeli-Saudi clique can install a government that is geopolitically friendly to future oil and gas economic infrastructure corridors controlled by multinational corporations. And the September 11, 2001 terrorist attack that took place in New York was due to the fact that Britain and the United States are in a state of economic collapse from pursuing world domination plans, military spending for world police force, financial theft, etc. And the 911 terrorist plot was organized by shadow elements [some of whom worked prior for intelligence agencies] of the Ruling Elites to buy time, as they stirr up conflicts worldwide to confuse the masses, until they have figured out how to rebuild their bankrupt collapsing financial empire. But will they be able to accomplish that task? And the acts of proxy wars using terrorist/rebel fighters are part of the movement to grab important land areas in the Middle East, Africa, etc. for future control to continue swindles and revenue theft by the Ruling Elites – two chief executives, male individuals approximately 88 years of age today (although younger family members are in charge at certain levels), one is in the City of London and the other is in New York City, who manipulates different agencies of the US government and other countries. And these men are the hidden rulers and whatever they want done, gets done. And they are the ones who give power and life to the image of the presidential administrations (i.e. ...Carter, Reagan, Bush Sr., Clinton, Bush Jr., Obama... Always focus on the foreign policy. They will have the presidents deceive the public using different verbal approaches, but the aim of the foreign policy remains the same) to fulfill their goals in their grand bestial geopolitical worldwide domination movement. The land grabs cannot be done through honest negotiations and must be done using deception. And the terrorist incidents happening worldwide are the effects (which my source refers to as exciting theatre/drama and the public as actors) from the movement to sway opinions and animate the people with news events being reported.

The conflicts are coming to an end
(i.e. the final chapter of battles) as the Great Leader from the forces of good confronts the Anti-Christ (i.e. the North America One World Order Movement Dictatorship by the Ruling Elites). When will the conflicts end? All will be decided into 2020 and 2030. And from now until that time period great changes, causing strife, will happen in America.

Despite what America says, keep in mind that President Putin is an extremely "deep fixture" in prophecy. He's an old soul and has his priorities straight. He knows what is important and what is not for the final outcome. He has a powerful cloak behind him. He was trained for this mission in all technical spheres and he knows who the real global enemy-aggressor is. When he has completed his mission, he will radiate a presence as if he was a pope. Putin will be around for a longtime to see the completion of the mission in order to start the foundation for world peace. He's compared to POPE JOHN XXIII – Angelo Roncalli, who was known as the "caretaker pope." How long will Putin be around? He will become more bald headed.

President Putin is clearing the way for the "Great Genius" who will come after him. A humanitarian group that will be steered by a special individual who will be concerned with healing the planet after the chaos is over. Nostradamus has named Putin correctly. He is Ogmios, which means a Great Leader or a Great Hero. The fulfillment of prophecy.

(NOTE: I have known about this fixture in prophecy, the counter-balance, since the late 1990s and have kept it secret. But after reading the article below I decided that it was time to reveal it.)

Putin Exposed West's Intentions and "Became Most Popular World Leader"

Referenced from Sputnik News
October 25, 2015

"The Russian President knows perfectly how 'to play the diplomatic card’ and ‘never make mistakes,' according to an expert of Press TV. Vladimir Putin intelligently exposed the lie of the West regarding Iran's nuclear program and the false conflict against ISIL.

Jim Dean, editor of Veterans Today, said that now everyone will unite around the Russian leader, as his popularity ratings in the country hve reached a new record. Perhaps now, Putin will be the most popular world leader of the past 50 years.

"We have just gone through the Iranian nuclear talks after more than ten years of lies about a secret nuclear program of Iran, which has been exposed but the media is not talking so much about it. This is one of the great results of the negotiations. After all, neither the US nor Israel was able to provide evidence which, according to them, proved that Iran has a nuclear program,” Dean told Press TV.

The expert further said that, "Every taxi driver on the planet, even in some rundown town of some Third World country is now aware of the Western game of these fake terrorist movements that are needed to create a threat. Then allegedly for security reasons the US organizes coups in order to bring to power a friendly government."

But now those plans have been exposed because when Putin talked about his goals in Syria, he offered to cooperate with the West, he said that anyone who wants to join in the efforts is welcome to fight ISIL together. The expert noted that everyone denied cooperating with Putin except for the agreements to coordinate air operations.

"As the campaign became more successful, as you see, NATO, Turkey – all countries that sponsor terrorism are not happy about it. He drew everyone's attention to them and now everyone knows who uses terrorism to change the regime and who the real threat is."

Dean said, "I think we can expect that unification will begin around Putin. Currently his rating in Russia has reached 90% and may reach a 95% in the world. So far he is the most popular world leader and he may become the most popular world leader of the past 50 years."" Link: Read Article

The Syrian conflict discussions in Vienna on November 14, 2015 - Press Statements by the Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov and the US Secretary of State Kerry: In the video, listen to Kerry in his own words saying that ISIS is in Syria because President Assad refuses to go. And that the ISIS fighters (i.e. paid mercenaries for proxy wars) are attacking Syria because of President Assad and if Assad refuses to go the war will continue. Question: Where are these ISIS fighters receiving their instructions to invade Syria? Link: Video

President Putin in his December 3, 2015 speech said that no refuge should be given to terrorists, no contacts, no bloody business with them. RT - Putin: "...We were prepared to cooperate with Turkey on most sensitive issues and go further than their allies. Allah knows why they did it. Apparently Allah decided to punish the ruling clique in Turkey by taking their sanity," Putin said. "Putin stressed that the Russian operation in Syria is aimed first and foremost at preventing fighters who went to the Middle East from Russia and its neighboring countries from returning home and bringing the threat of terrorist attacks to Russian soil." "They are getting money, weapons, gathering strength. If they get stronger, winning there, they will inevitably come here to sow fear and hatred, blast, kill and torture people," Putin said. "Putin called on all nations that have pledged to fight terrorism to join forces and abandon the notion that terrorist groups can be used for country’s own goals. He stressed that the rise of terrorism in the Middle East over the last few years was caused to a large degree by foreign meddling." Link: Read Article

Alex Jones Prison Planet Radio, November 10, 2015, Interview with Mancow Muller: According to his sources, he said that President Putin is not on friendly terms with the Bush family and does not want to see another Bush get elected president of America. That the Russian military has destroyed a methamphetamine drug storage facility in Syria operated by the Bush family shadow managers camouflaged as a hospital. (Was this the reason why ISIS bombed/shot-down the Russian passenger plane over Egypt's Sinai Peninsula?) The amount of the stimulant drug in storage is said to worth billions of dollars and was to be distributed throughout the world by Bush family syndicates to resupply the family with much needed money to help Jeb Bush presidential campaign in the US. And that the Russians are slowly destroying the Bush family sources of income. (Jeb Bush drops out of the 2016 Republican Presidential Election.) Link: Video

And as Nostradamus said centuries ago: ...Barbarian (i.e. the US-Western Terrorist Movement) and freeman (i.e. the fighters that are against the US-Western backed Terrorist Movement) in perpetual struggle.

References – Links:
[ US playing Syria terrorism card as part of PERPETUAL STRUGGLE for global dominance – Assad | REPORT: America plotting to allow 9,000 ISIS fighters to escape so they can attack Russian troops... | Russia: USA controlling 'international terrorist alliance'... | 'Americans are on our side': Al-Nusra commander says US arming jihadists via 3rd countries | 'US priority in Syria: Stop Aleppo from falling to pro-Assad forces' | Turkish PM Says Enemies Trying to Turn Turkey Into Syria Will Be Defeated | Syrian War: 'Nothing to Do With Daesh, It is Energy Battle for Future Pipelines' | New Beginning: Syrian Militants Lay Down Arms, Return to Normal Life | EU Lies to Moscow: Official Reveals Sanctions Not Related to Ukraine Peace Deal | Leaked Memos Show George Soros Plotted to Oust Putin, Destabilize Russia | Secret File Confirms Trump Claim: Obama, Hillary 'Founded ISIS' to Oust Assad | Former Israeli PM Shimon Peres: Putin is Not the Enemy of the US, Europe | Russia, Syria Lead Fight to Free Raqqa from Daesh, US-Backed Forces Retreat | Shift To Multipolar World: Lavrov Says Russia Working To Adjust Foreign Policy To New Reality | The Global Economic Reset Has Begun | Putin intelligent strategist, Russia played constructive role in Syria, Iran – Kerry on Charlie Rose | Kremlin warns of planned 'information attack' against Putin | The US no longer talking about Assad regime, focus now on ISIS | Clinton email reveals GOOGLE sought overthrow of Assad... | Putin: Timing of operation in Syria was right, FSB quashed groups ready to attack | Kennedy: Daesh is a By-Product of Washington's Drive for Qatari Gas | If Syrian Truce Fails, The US Has A "Plan B": To Arm The Rebels With More Weapons To Restart The War And Partition Syria – Kerry | Russian Orthodox Patriarch Kirill Has Arrived In Cuba For A Historic Meeting With Pope Francis | Certain Powers Use Int'l Terrorism to Fight Against Russia - Putin | Putin’s Multitudinous Fan Club: Why is It So Annoying to Western Analysts? | Putin Is Winning the War Against Satan Worshipers and New World Order Agents | Jacob Rothschild Says Putin Is "A Traitor To The New World Order" | Putin: The Builders Of The New World Order Have Failed | Putin Names USA Among Threats In New Russian Security Strategy... | Without Rivals: German Magazine Calls Putin a 'Man of the Year' | Putin: Europe Handed Over Part of its Sovereignty to US, Has No Independent Foreign Policy | Land Grab: 'Disintegration of Iraq Major Objective of Turkish Invasion' | US Bows To Russian Demand To Keep Assad In Office. Israel Follows Suit | FT: Russian president offers glimpse of strong leader... | Putin: Hopefully, no Nuclear Weapons will be needed against ISIS | Peter Schiff Warns: "The Whole Economy Has Imploded... Collapse Is Coming" | Iraqis believe USA in cahoots with ISIS... | House Dem: Obama Could Cause ‘Devastating Nuclear War’ With Russia | Putin 'Only Real Statesman Left in Anti-ISIL War – Rest are Chamberlains' | Turkey’s True Goals in Syria are Much More Than Just Oil and Money | Next US President 'Will Confront Russia Energetically' | Russia Reversing the Trend of ISIL Expansion Caused by US-Led Coalition - Kremlin | Lawmaker: Russian Federation not to go back to visa-free travel with Turkey if its help to IS continues | Are Washington's Fingerprints All Over Downing of Russian Su-24 Bomber? | Ejected Su-24 Pilot Was Hunted by Turkish Militants Equipped With Modern sophisticated direction finder equipment | Putin to Hollande: Terror Attacks Force Russia, France to Unite Efforts | US Refuses to Disclose Information On Who Fired at Su-24 Pilot From Ground | Terrorists in Su-24 search operation area killed - Russian Defense Ministry | Turkey Only Wants No-Fly Zone to Carve Out a Piece of Syria | Turkish Military Instructors Gather Near Crimea to 'Train Mercenaries' | Washington is using Turkey (ITS FUTURE GOAL AFTER SYRIA, EGYPT AND IRAN IS TAKEN OVER BY THE RADICALIZATION OF ISLAM) as a tool to destabilize Russia | Putin's reference to Turkey as 'Accomplices of Terrorists' | Putin: Russia will not tolerate such crimes as attack against its Sukhoi-24 plane | The One Thing You Need to Know About ISIS | ISIL Created By US Interventionism, Saudi $ – Assad | RUSSIA SAYS USA HELPED ISIS | US Congresswoman Introduces Bill To Stop "Illegal" War On Assad; Says CIA Ops Must Stop | US Economy Is Collapsing – Americans Are Out Of Money | Merkel Bavarian Ally Plans Putin Visit in Bid for Global Stage... | US Congressmen to Obama: Forget Assad, Fight ISIL | Vladimir Putin - Leader of the Free World | Anonymous Accuse Silicon Valley Startup of Assisting ISIL Online‏ | Terrorists Losing Control in Syria Due to Russian Airstrikes: Commanders Refuse to Follow Orders | Islamic State was set up by 'guys' US had kept in jail but released afterwards – Lavrov | Team Russia Growing Strong: 'Everyone Wants to Jump on Moscow's Bandwagon' in Syria Tu-95MS strategic bomber | Russian FM: US deliberately sparing Islamic State seeking to weaken Assad | ISIL Financed by 40 Countries, Including G20 Member States – Putin | Desperate world leaders cosy up to Russian President to get him to join the fight against ISIS | Putin (aka Ogmios) Commands International Clout at G-20 Summit - Bloomberg | Santorum - Obama And Hillary Created ISIS | Rebels Have CIA Weapons Capable of Downing Planes Flying Above 10Km Range - French Media | ISIS, with 80,000 fighters, holds 50% of Syria and 40% of Iraq | Syria's Christians Grateful To Russia For Support In Fight Against Terrorism – Patriarch | Russian Airliner Destroyed Over Egypt's Sinai Peninsula – Cui Bono Suggests it Was Most Likely a Bomb Planted by MI6-CIA-Saudi Intelligence Factions Acting as ISIS | How Does the Islamic State Fits Into America's Syria Master Plan? | Russia Today News Media Founder Was Found Dead In Hotel In Washington DC, USA | Russian Air Defense Deployed To Syria Along With Warplanes – Commander | U.S. Brings Dogfighters to Counter Russian Jets Over Syria | Two reasons why ISIS claims to have downed a Russian airliner | Al Qaeda Chief Hints Joining Hands With ISIS In War Against Russia, US | Al-Qaeda Leader Calls for Joint Islamist Struggle Against Russia | PUTIN goes to WAR against ISIS: Stop dithering and FIGHT, Russian leader tells West | FRENCH GOVERNMENT ALIGNS WITH RUSSIA'S WAR AGAINST ISIS | Russia to join the fight against ISIS | Syrian Opposition and Saudi Arabia Reject Lavrov's Push for Anti-ISIS Coalition | Russia Sends Warplanes To Syria To Join Fight Against ISIS ]

U.S.-Russia War Over Ukraine – Worldwide Destabilization By U.S. Elites Continues

Published By The Battle For World Supremacy – Version 1.5 (Updated June 25, 2016)

BATTLEFORWORLD – April 17, 2015 – News Intel: If the United States continues to use Ukraine for war activities with assistance from Germany, the Russian secret group will remove the Pragmatist advisors around President Putin. The Russian secret group trains two factions, the Peace Faction and the War Faction. The Pragmatist advisors belong to the Peace Faction and they believe that Nuclear War must be prevented if it is humanly possible. On the opposite pole are the Hardliners or the Hotheads – the War Faction. They are hawkish and fearless and are going to do everything possible to defend Mother Russia. And they are equal in behavior to the United States Neo-Conservative warmongers. The War Faction believes that nuclear war is inevitable. Their military strategy is not to prevent nuclear war indefinitely but to match it shoulder to shoulder and win it when the time comes. The Russian secret group in control will have to make a decision soon on how to deal with the Neo-Conservatives war strategy in the United States. Covertly from April 7, 2015 a shift in Moscow is slowly asserting itself, prepping the Hardliners for eventual encirclement around President Putin. These salivating Hardliners are ruthless and have certain means at their disposal. This implies that the public will not recognize these means when implemented, but their effects will be felt before the serious and annihilation phase begin. The Eastern European Baltic states that the US is using as hyenas got a little taste of what's in store, but are unable to recognize the signature. Pat Buchanan has sound-off the alarm about a pending military clash between the United States and Russia. Link: Read Article

BILLY MEIER, CONTACT REPORT 442 – February 10, 2007: "
Billy: Every rational human in the world knows that Putin is, however, correct in his speech. It is only to hope that he continues to take the same line and thereby the entire world will be shaken up in order to stop the USA's criminal machinations and plans to rule the world. If that does not happen, then the danger of a worldwide war remains constant, and indeed so long until the USA pulls out of the entire world, back to its own country, and leaves the world in peace, as well as allowing the individual countries to solve their own religious and political problems. When one thinks that, since as long as anyone can remember, never has collectively so much harm, death, murder, torture, destruction and disaster happened on the Earth as it has come about through the fault of the USA and will further come about, as it has resulted and results since the USA interferes in the interests of other countries and started and starts wars, as well as revolts and revolutions, as well as murder and other crimes through the US secret services and US military, then, regarding US-America, the devil incarnate can be spoken of. Ptaah: I also see it that way, because it corresponds to the truth." Link: Read Article

The Anti-Christ is not a human person, a man, but rather the testosterone/masculinity of a movement that is bestial and degenerate in behavior. This devilish animal is seeking one world domination using force organized by the ruling elites (old wealthy selfish-greedy families – Rothschild, Rockefeller, British Royal Family, Fondi Family Trust, secret societies, etc.). All the narratives coming from the West about the Anti-Christ are based on theology and ideology from western schools of thought and are cloaking the accurate meaning. Neither Napoleon nor Hitler was The Anti-Christ; however, they were only a tool, a figurehead (not the real power) of The Anti-Christ – which in truth is a movement seeking world domination through One World Governmentthe Global Beast of World GovernanceThe International Order. The Anti-Christ is very handsome, implying that the illusion, the image that it propagandizes to the people – continuous war, money, fashion, lifestyle, behavior, (smokescreen) human rights, (smokescreen) humanitarianism, (smokescreen) justice, etc. And the popularity of sweet hypnotic words, implying that the illusion that has wrapped itself into a one/uni world movement knows what to say to the people using "global/corporate media" to get their attention and have them believe the narrative. The Anti-Christ one world movement controlled by the ruling elites tried to grab power using Napoleon as the front-man and Europe as the battle ground, but failed. It then used Hitler as the front-man and Europe as the battle ground and also failed. (But Hitler only failed publicly, because privately after World War II Europe-Germany was subdued into forming the European Union Dictatorship for the British and the Americans, part of the leg for their One World Order Government.) But now the ruling elites have become more clever and are using radical Islam and terrorism narratives (to finish the world domination job they started). Exploiting the United States, the ruling elites are, to spread their propaganda image of democracy, crony capitalism/economic system ideology and military, along with their conquered allies and military NATO. The third attempt, the front-man for the Anti-Christ one world movement is the image that the United States propagandizes to trick the people of the world that what it is doing is good and for peace. (The name MABUS in Nostradamus' Century 2, Quatrain 62 is referring to a "treaty" that the United States is involved in - the US-ABM treaty. The United States will break the US-ABM treaty that has held together the balance of world power preventing nuclear war. And so the treaty will die and if world war breaks out it will surely bring catastrophe across the Earth. But the Peace Faction in Russia continues to ask the United States for written guarantees that the US-ABM Defense Shield is not directed at Russia, but the United States refuses to give Russia written guarantees, and informs Russia that verbal words should be sufficient to trust.)

One Of The Weapons Designed To Counter The US-Britain-Europe Missile Defense Shield: "The Status-6 system is meant to deliver a nuclear warhead to the coastal area of an adversary. It is "essentially an autonomous underwater robot outfitted with a powerful nuclear warhead. The drone is capable of hitting a target located 10,000 kilometers (over 6200 miles) away," Korotchenko asserted. The expert also noted that any reasonable American politician should understand that Washington has to discuss the US missile defense system with Russia. "We have repeatedly raised this issue in talks with our American partners but, sadly, received no response to Russia's initiatives. This could probably change now," he concluded." Link: Read Article

"The explosion will also cause a tsunami which will have catastrophic implications for the potential aggressor," he added. ...The presentation slide titled "Ocean Multipurpose System: Status-6" showed some drawings of a new nuclear submarine weapons system. It is apparently designed to bypass NATO radars and any existing missile defense systems, while also causing heavy damage to "important economic facilities" along the enemy’s coastal regions." Link: Read Article

Nostradamus: Century 2, Quatrain 62
MABUS (i.e. the US-ABM treaty) then will soon die, to come.
Of people and beasts a horrible defeat:
Then suddenly one will see vengeance strike,
Hundred, hands, thirst, hunger when the comet will run.

Nostradamus: Century 8, Quatrain 70

He (i.e. America, infiltrated by nefarious elements) will enter, wicked, unpleasant, infamous,
tyrannizing over Mesopotamia (i.e. the Middle-East).
All friends (i.e. the allies [Britain, Israel, Europe, Saudi Arabia, etc.] of America)
made by the adulterous lady (i.e. the Statue of Liberty),
the land (i.e. America) dreadful and black (i.e. destructive) of aspect (i.e. America's corrupted behavior by the Ruling Elites).

Nostradamus: Century 10, Quatrain 10
Stained with murder and enormous adulteries,
Great enemy (i.e. America, infiltrated by nefarious elements) of the entire human race:
One (i.e. America)
who will be worse than
his grandfathers, uncles or fathers (i.e. worse than its European...predecessors),
In steel (i.e. airplanes, drones), fire (i.e. missiles, bombs), waters (i.e. ships, submarines), bloody and inhuman.

Nostradamus: Century 4, Quatrain 88
Anthony (i.e. North America), great in name, in his actions base,
at the end (i.e. America as a One World Power falls) will be devoured by lice (i.e. civil wars, etc.).
One who is eager for lead,
passing the harbor (i.e. America's Naval Fleet, a symbol of military hegemony)
will be drowned by the elected one (i.e. the Multi-Polar Order begins).

Nostradamus: Century 8, Quatrain 77
The Anti-Christ (i.e. the North America One World Order Movement Dictatorship by the Ruling Elites)
very soon annihilates the three,
twenty-seven years his war will last (i.e. America will wage geopolitical wars around the world
and after being defeated all the wars will stop.
A decision regarding America's faith
will be decided into 2020 and 2030
The unbelievers are dead, captive, exiled;
with blood, human bodies, water and red hail covering earth.

Book of Revelation 6:12
(The Bible was compiled from oral tradition, teachings from the old prophets
and later evangelical followers of the text, with falsified information added over time,
and the movement became the Christian religion of today.)

And I beheld when he (i.e. America decides to start World War III) had opened the Sixth seal,
and, lo, there was a great earthquake (i.e. the pending great Earthquake for California, United Sates
before World War III erupts if war with the US/NATO is unavoidable
and the Sun became black as sackcloth of hair,
and the Moon became as blood;
And the stars of heaven fell...

Edgar Cayce's Prediction
About Russia and World Peace

Throughout the readings of Edgar Cayce, the "Sleeping Prophet", we again encounter amazing references to Russia's special place in the cosmic plan. Cayce said: "In Russia there comes the hope of the world, not as that sometimes termed of the communistic, or Bolshevik, no; but freedom, freedom! That each man will live for his fellow man! The principle has been born. It will take years for it to be crystallised, but out of Russia comes again the hope of the world." (Edgar Cayce, 1944, No. 3976-29)

The "sleeping prophet" Edgar Cayce, in summary revealed that: The world will gain greater hope from Russia's development. To this end, individuals and groups who have closer ties with Russia can achieve step-by-step changes and the ultimate finalization of regulatory terms for world guidance. Link: Read Article

United States Darting Russia's Backyard With Nuclear Missiles
The United States continues to subdue Baltic and Islamic states bordering Russia pressuring them to host short range missiles which is not covered by the INF Treaty. The bordering states are in Russia's backyard so short range missiles are adequate to launch nuclear strikes inside Russian territory. The United States does not see itself as breaking the treaty because the loophole allows the United States to deceptively ringed Russia with nuclear capable shorter range missiles and so in the end the treaty becomes meaningless. "The INF Treaty signed between the Soviet Union and the United States in 1987 stipulated the elimination of all ground-based ballistic missiles with the shorter ranges of between 500 and 1,000 km and the intermediate ranges of between 1,000 and 5,000 km." Link: Read Article - 1

"The Foreign Ministry said of great concern in the INF context were "the United States plans for deploying in Romania and Poland vertical launching systems capable, according to our estimates, of firing Standard-3 interceptor missiles and medium-range cruise missiles Tomahawk." "Their deployment will be a direct violation of the INF treaty," the Foreign Ministry said. "Also, certain questions arise why in testing its missile defence weapons the United States uses targets having parameters similar to those of intermediate and shorter range missiles. There are reasons to believe that in this way the United States may be testing a number of aspects of production and combat use of prohibited ballistic missiles," the Foreign Ministry said." Link: Read Article - 2

United States Secret Military Biological Labs At Russian Border Arouse Grave Concern
"Moscow is extremely concerned over the US deployment of medical-biological laboratories near the Russian border, the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement Thursday. ""The Pentagon’s activity of placing its medical-biological laboratories extremely close to Russian borders calls for grave concern." The Foreign Ministry said that the US Richard G. Lugar Public Health Research Center in Tbilisi, Georgia, is a high level biological isolation laboratory. The laboratory is overseen by the US Defense Threat Reduction Agency. Moscow says that a branch of the Walter Reed US Army Medical Research Institute is operating under the Lugar Research Center's roof." "The US and Georgian authorities are taking efforts to cover the true contents and direction of their activity in the US Army’s military branch, which is studying especially dangerous and infectious diseases. The Pentagon is trying to camouflage its military medical-biological facilities in other CIS countries." The activities of Pentagon in the spheres linked directly to the Biological and Toxin Weapons Convention (BTWC) are being carried out amid the "obvious lack of interest" from Washington... It was the United States that in 2001 "unilaterally wrecked the Geneva multilateral talks" that were aimed at creating a verification mechanism for the BTWC... The BTWC prohibits the development, production, and stockpiling of biological and toxin weapons. The document was opened for signing in 1972 and currently has 173 signatories." Link: Read Article

References – Links:
[ Beijing Blasts 'American Aggression,' Calls for Russia-China 'New World Order' | NATO’s bid for global dominance could lead to new Cuban missile crisis - top Russian senator | Soros Says Ukraine Could Become Giant Refugee Camp for EU in Turkey's Place | Bloomberg: Merkel committed to reaching deal with Russia enabling EU to lift sanctions | Moscow studying Washington Post information about US proposals on START Treaty – source | German Chancellor Merkel Says Ukraine’s Accession to EU Off Table | GEORGE SOROS: EU COLLAPSE... ECONOMIC TROUBLES... | Homeland Security Trains Texas Cops to Deal With Riots | Turkish Military Instructors Gather Near Crimea to 'Train Mercenaries' | United States New Nuke-Armed Missiles 'Inherently Destabilizing' | War in Ukraine Will Resume Soon - Top Russian Theorist (Alexander Dugin) | Doomsday Countdown: US Hawks Pushing World to the Brink of Nuclear War | US Must Learn From Experience, Relate Strategy to Consequences - Kissinger | US Planning To Wipe Out Russia Since '45 | Americans Will Fight On Home Soil If US Starts Russia War | US State Department Criticizes Russian Lavrov's Remark on US Missile Shield in Europe | The U.S. Is Destroying Europe | Russia FM Accuses US of Contributing to Spread of Terrorism Around The Globe | US Profits From Wars and Conflicts More Than Any Other Country | US Successfully Tests Anti-Ballistic Missile System in Pacific | Russia Makes Proportionate Response To Missile Defense In Europe - Defense Ministry | US ABM Build-up After Iran Nuclear Deal Confirms Russia's Fears | WW3 Inevitable? US Warmongering Rhetoric May Drag World Into War | US Installed Bolshevik Regime In Ukraine | Congress Votes to Suspend Funds for US Implementation of New START Treaty | Russia Warns US Against Jeopardizing Viability of INF Treaty | Foreign Ministry: US Actions May Push Russia To Building Up Nuclear Arsenals | US Policy On Anti-Ballistic Missile Serious Obstacle To Nuclear Disarmament | Kremlin Took Note Of US Statement About Targeting Missiles At Russia | 'Lunacy': US Missiles in Europe To Aggravate Tensions – Latvian Lawmaker | UK Could Host US Nukes To Counter Increased 'Russian Activity' - Hammond | US, UK and Canada Disagreed With Treaty For The Non-Proliferation Of Nuclear Weapons In The Middle East | US to Announce Integration of Gulf Council Ballistic Defense Architecture | US Stance Bringing Military-Political Issues To Deadlock | US Ready to Use Nuclear, Conventional Weapons to Defend Japan | Russia Says No To One World Government | West Prefers A Weak Russia | Putin: US Needs Vassals, Not Allies, It Doesn't Suit Russia | Moscow Can Answer Possible Deployment Of US Nuclear Missiles In Europe | US Troops On Ukrainian Soil Could Reignite Fighting | US Will Not Survive a Nuclear War Against Russia | Pope Francis Urges Nations to Stop Creating 'Atmosphere of War' | Ukraine Could Drag World Into Madness | 'Any Reader Of Orwell Would Be Perfectly Familiar' With US Maneuvers | US Military Instructors Deployed To Ukraine To Train Local Forces | US-Backed Ukrainian Leadership Is Making Every Effort To Sabotage The Minsk Accord | Germany's Merkel Urged to Stand Firm Against US Interventions in Ukraine | US-Ukraine Military Drills Risk Intensifying Civil War - Former US Diplomat | United States Plans To Expand Forward Deployment Of Its Armed Forces | United States Wants World War With Russia - If US Lures Belarus, Armenia, Russia Is In Trouble | Obama Warns of Anti-Globalization Sentiment in Both Parties | US Not Seeking To Destroy Russian Economy - White House | Romania Is A US 'Vassal State' - Former CIA Analyst | US Defense Agencies Assess Major Nuclear Terror Attack Exercise | NATO Breaks Treaty to Establish Permanent Forces in Baltic | Russia Stations Iskander Missiles in Kaliningrad: NATO Cries Wolf | US Global Missile Defense Architecture | Kiev To Allow Foreign Armed Forces In Ukraine, Incl. 'Potential Carriers Of Nukes' | Washington Accuse Moscow Of Alleged Violations Of The INF Treaty & Mulls Over Military Response | PENTAGON MIGHT DEPLOY MISSILES IN EUROPE TO COUNTER RUSSIA | Pentagon Chief Defense Secretary Ash Carter Says New Action (Nuclear) Needed On Russia Over Ukraine | US Weighs Missiles In Europe To Counter Russia | To Restrain Russia, The US Has Created The Crisis In Ukraine | Third World War Being Fought Piecemeal And, In The Context Of Global Communications, We Sense An Atmosphere Of War | US Plans To Put Missiles In Europe Don’t Build Trust – Kremlin | German Chancellor Angela Merkel Wants World War In Europe Against Russia | US Could Arm Ukraine To Force Russian Compliance With INF Treaty - Says US Senator | Russia Developing Upgraded Version Of Oka Tactical Missile System | US Ambassador Calls On Vatican To Join Western Condemnation Of Russia | Ukraine To Place S-300 Anti-Aircraft Missiles On Border With Transdniestria | US Drawing Europe Into Crusade Against Russia | Europe 2020 In War Chaos | OBAMA SUPPORTERS SIGN PETITION TO NUKE RUSSIA | Russia Watching US Missiles Deployment In EU | Moscow Says US Has To Return Non-Strategic Nuclear Weapons To National Territory | Russia Threatens 'Consequences' If US Deploys Missiles In Europe | US Hawks Want to 'Drive a Stake Through the Heart of Minsk II' | Ukraine In Danger Of Two-Front War, As (US Backed) Saakashvili Becomes Odessa Governor | Stratfor Warns: S-300 in Ukraine’s Odessa Might Cause All Out War | US Considers Storing Heavy Weapons In Baltic and Eastern Europe | Two of Three Baltic States Support Deployment of US Arms in East Europe | Poland, Lithuania Discussing Plans With Washington To Harbor US Army Equipment | US Deploys Heavy Weaponry In Europe; Russia To 'Answer Adequately' | Developments In Ukraine Are Results Of Western Attempts To Lay Hands On It – Diplomat | Amid Endless US Wars, McCain Regrets Not Starting Another War In Ukraine | Putin: US Exit From ABM Treaty Pushes Russia Into New Arms Race | Russia Always Knew That US Missile Defense Was Aimed Against It and China – Security Chief | Russia To Deploy S-400 Air Defense Systems Near Western Borders by End 2015 | US 'Playing With Fire' By Extremely Provocative Moves, Not Russia: American Scholar | Both Major U.S. Parties (Republican and Democrat) are Plagues on Humanity | Is US Pledge to Be the World Leader Just Wishful Thinking? | US Needs War Every 4 Yrs To Maintain Economic Growth | Lavrov: Russia Expects US To Abandon Missile Defense Shield Plans Due To Iran Deal | US Prepares to Put More Pressure on Russia, Threatens 'Scaling Up Costs' | White Book Of Crimes In South-Eastern Ukraine Published In Russia ]

22 Expanse Before World War III Erupts

Published By The Battle For World Supremacy

BATTLEFORWORLD – February 8, 2015 – News Intel: The One World Order is a conglomerate of different parts and the three main parts are the United States, Britain and Israel. This one world order was in the planning stage since the early 19th Century. The United States was pulled into the pact under President Woodrow Wilson. (The ringleader of this sadistic future saga, in the context of End-Time scenarios now tormenting the Earth, was the bible character human male called Jehovah [of which there were three from the same family], who died in 103 BC after which his nephew took over leadership of the Earth's surface people, who was then replaced by his son, who died in the year 1976.) Wernher Von Braun from the Nazi era told Dr. Carol Rosin that the plan would unfolds as follows: the weaponization of space (and the first enemy would be the Soviet empire); and that the United States will makeup other enemies to build a missile defense shield. Then the enemy would shift to rogue nations and terrorists, and terrorism. The US would then position the missile shield against Russia and that Russia would deploy countermeasures against the missile shield and countries involved in the configuration. Then things would shift to space asteroids and meteorites. And the last in the plot is a fake alien invasion scenario to solidify everything for the conglomerate power control. The United States, Britain and Israel are using companies like Black Water to recruit mercenaries (private armies) to go into other countries to stir up trouble and fight to overthrow governments and agitate conflicts to give the US and Britain international cover to deploy their armies. For example: Iraq, Libya, Syria, Turkey, Georgia, etc.; and eventually the terrorists would cross over into Russian territory and start to destabilize Russia's North Caucasus. From Syria to Russia the time expanse is 22 hours (or period of time for the US/UK Terrorism Virus to infect Turkey, Armenia, Georgia, etc.). To lock/block Russia in from Europe and Middle East locations the United States and Britain are using the former Soviet Union states of Georgia, Ukraine, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus, etc. to expand NATO. THE UNITED STATES AND BRITAIN DO NOT WANT TO DESTROY TERRORISM; THEY WANT TO SPREAD AND USE IT AS A VIRUS TO GIVE THEM INTERNATIONAL COVER TO DOMINATE THE WORLD - to bring into reality their One World Government Unipolar regime. But the United States and the British plan could go very wrong and destroy a majority of European countries and wipe-out many millions of European people.


Terrorism and Islamic State (Now Country) Made By The Elites (old wealthy selfish-greedy families – Rothschild, Rockefeller, British Royal Family, Bush Family [scapegoat target], Fondi Family Trust, etc.)
January 23, 2015
Published By The Battle For World Supremacy

BATTLEFORWORLD – January 23, 2015 – News Intel: The US and the British tried to give Gadhafi the job, but he was reprogrammed and instead wanted to help his people. Saddam was given the job, but he was reprogrammed and instead wanted to help his people. They also tried to give Yasser Arafat the job. The US and the British then gave Osama Bin Ladin the job, but he did not last very long. Now the US CIA and the British have given Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi the job to bring the world to its knees using terrorism. The US has given him a state, the IS (Islamic State) - parts of Iraq and Syria – ISIS domain. And the nerve of the US to call it IS(lam). The US even allowed IS to sell illegal oil. All CIA operation. Say hello to your CIA Anti-Christ. The US Christians are going to feast on this one with bible scriptures. Link: Read Article - 1, Link: Read Article - 2

Russian FM: US deliberately sparing Islamic State seeking to weaken Assad
KHABAROVSK, November 17, 2015. /TASS/. The United States and its coalition seem to be sparing the Islamic State organisation so that while it weakens Syrian President Bashar Assad, it can never take power in Syria, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said in an interview with the Vesti.doc programme on Rossiya-1 television on Tuesday. "The problem around the U.S.-led coalition is that despite the fact that they declared its goal in fighting exclusively the Islamic State and other terrorists and pledged not to take any action against the Syrian army (life has proved they never went back from their words), analysis of the strikes delivered by the United States and its coalition at terrorist positions over the past year drives us to a conclusion that these were selective, I would say sparing, strikes and in the majority of cases spared those Islamic State groups that were capable of pressing the Syrian army," he said. Link: Read Article

References – Links:
[ ISIS: The 'Enemy' The US Created, Armed, & Funded | Iraqis believe USA in cahoots with ISIS... | Kadyrov blames Turkey for executing 'Western plan to destroy Muslim nations' | Anonymous Accuse Silicon Valley Startup of Assisting ISIL Online‏ | Terrorists Losing Control in Syria Due to Russian Airstrikes: Commanders Refuse to Follow Orders | Islamic State was set up by 'guys' US had kept in jail but released afterwards – Lavrov | Putin: Free Syrian Army shares intel on ISIS targets, US reluctant to cooperate | The Fall Of The Unipower (One World Order) | Putin Exposed West's Intentions and 'Became Most Popular World Leader' | Blair acknowledges ISIS stemmed from Iraq invasion, refuses to apologize for toppling Saddam | Stephen Cohen US an Obstacle to Peaceful Multipolar World | US War in Syria, Iraq Part of Bigger Plan Aimed Against Iran and Beyond | Russia Bombs ISIS | Putin Calls Out Washington - Paul Craig Roberts | Russian Jets Destroy ISIL Command Post, Bunker in Syria | Islamic State Recruitment Document Seeks To Provoke 'End Of The World' | ISIL Trains Foreign Fighters to Attack Europe - Female Commander | Russia Concerned About Activity Of IS (Islamic State) Militants In Kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina | CIA Director Admits: US Foreign Policy Causes Terrorism | ISIS Set Up Stronghold In Heart Of Europe As Terrorists Secretly Buy Land Near Isolated Village | America Protects ISIS: The Pentagon Is Not Targeting Islamic State Training Camps | If Assad Falls, West Will Be Unable to Defeat ISIL – French Politician | US Ex-Intelligence Chief On ISIS Rise: It Was 'A Willful Washington Decision' | Alleged Snowden Document - US, UK, Israel Behind ISIS | US Created Islamic State to Redraw Map of the Middle East - Iranian General | Declassified Pentagon Report: US 'Created' ISIL as Tool Against Assad | Secret Pentagon Report Reveals US "Created" ISIS As A "Tool" To Overthrow Syria's President Assad | Russia Concerned About Activity Of IS (Islamic State) Militants In Kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina ]


divider2Coup In The U.S. Using Clones
Published By The Battle For World Supremacy

BATTLEFORWORLD – March 17, 2015 – News Intel: "
There was a coup in the United States beginning in March 2015 using clones. That is the reason for all the reversals (regarding hardline stance softening up on Iran, Ukraine, Syria, etc.) from Obama, Congress and the State Department. When the hardline stance is reversed, the controlled U.S. media tries to minimize the importance of the reversal by asking for clarification, because the reversed statement is swaying away from the hardline war narrative. All is still well in Russia – meaning, the secret ones are still in full control. Go Putin, let them have it. And in the Ukraine the clone war is in full force with President Poroshenko doing a lot of hardline reversals." Link: None