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Jmmanuel, The Man The Zionists & The Romans Hated

tj-tinyspacerDecember 15, 2015

This version of the Talmud of Jmmanuel has the corrections that the original translator (Isa Rashid) failed to incorporate in the original translated text. Read the full narrative of Jmmanuel. The true story banned by the church. Religion today is organized and capitalized for the purpose of controlling the masses into the abyss of nothingness. (An official new reversion of the Talmud of Jmmanuel will be available commercially from the FIGU website. Until then, in the meantime, this version will reveal some of the truths about Jmmanuel/Immanuel/Emmanuel, alias Jesus -- the name given to him by Paul-Saul.) Version 4-2016 (UPDATED), PDF Format - Link: > Download from MediaFire

In the Enhanced Talmud read about: (1) Why the Russian Monk Rasputin was murdered and by whom. (2) How The British Used World War I to Further Their Empire. (3) How Ronald Reagan Laid The Foundation-Stone For US War Policy. (4) Islamic State, US World Control Imperialism, EU Dictatorship. (5) How Christian Groups Are Being Misused. (6) The Two Bush Presidents In America. World War Three. (7) The Earthquake Destined For San Francisco, California. (8) How The Books Of The Bible Came Into Existence. (9) The Great War In Heaven. (10) The Creation Of Adam And Eve. (11) Religious-Sectarian Organisation Working With The CIA In America. (12) US World Control Imperialism, EU Dictatorship. (13) Jim Jones Religious Massacre In Guyana. (14) Confused Religions. (15) USA Superpower Status Could Come To An End. (17) Darwin’s Theory About Human-Monkey Evolution. (18) The Manifestation Of Stigmata. (19) Homosexuality In Its Natural Form. (20) The Planet Of Women. (21) The Rise Of Hitler In Germany. (22) Prophet Muhammad, His Mission, Koran, Islam. (23) Masturbation. (24) The Original Prayer Written By Henoch (Enoch). (25) Jehovah, The Biblical God. (26) Inner Earth, Hollow Earth, Admiral Richard Byrd, The Sons of the Sun. (27) The Bermuda Triangle, The Devil’s Triangle. (28) Mount Shasta, Aleutian Islands. (29) Alien Invasion Plan For Earth. (30) The Origin Of Earth's Languages. (31) Race-Mixing, Mass-Migration. (32) European Union Hostility Modern Dictatorship; Not Democracy. (33) President Barack Obama Is Not The Same Person. (34) End Times, Hate, Aliens, Abductions, UFOs, Psychology. (35) Vegetarian Diet, Meat. (36) Origin Of Animal Sacrifice And Torture; Jewish Ritual; Pork. And much More!!!

US Presidential Election, Pending Civil Wars, US Hostility
August 22, 2016

Interview with Billy Meier, May 2016 – By Michael Horn. In this discussion Billy Meier addresses the situation with Russia and US policies that are causing increased social polarization around the world that will lead to a future breakdown and collapse around 2020. Meier also commented on the US presidential election, the pending civil wars, etc.

Billy Meier (left) and Michael Horn (right).

Horn: …The situation pertaining to Putin of Russia, the US, the EU and Merkel of Germany.

Meier: The Americans and the EU are trying to sabotage Russia. But Putin says nothing about it, he simply keeps quiet. And America and Europe keep saying that Russia wants to attack, make war, etc. – and it’s all nonsense. Russia has no plans to make war. The ones trying to make war are the EU and America. As you know, in the EU there are a lot of crazy people, just like in America. And in America, the minority, you know what the minority is; the minority just has to keep quiet – they can’t say anything about it. It is the bulk of those in power that are instigating hostilities, and so forth, wanting to maintain the weapons-industry and all that and the minority in the American population can simply not do anything about it. And they then have to bear the brunt when bad things are said about America then they also get dragged into the complaints, lumped together the rest despite their innocence. And that’s the worst thing. And those, the minority who can’t do anything to stop what is going on, they can just clench their fists in their pockets, but nothing more. And those humans beings that don’t agree with what is being done with war-waging, death-penalty and all that, will just have to bear it. They simply can’t do anything about it. And if anything bad is said about America by foreigners, then they will also automatically be lumped together in it all.

Horn: Do you have any opinions about the upcoming US presidential election?

Meier: You know, I think, it is my personal opinion that if Clinton wins the election, Hillary Clinton, then the devil is loose just as with Bush and so forth. She is an advocate of the death-penalty. It will then be just as bad in America, as with Bush. And I think that if Trump wins it will be just as dumb. (Editor: The outcome of US political things – craziness and stupidity.) I think these are a couple of people who aren’t at all fit for the presidency.

Horn: So then, do you see the two civil wars coming to America?

Meier: Yes, yes. You know, that will…wreck the whole America.

The Henoch Prophecies, 1987 mentions Civil Wars in America:

286. Yet the misery on Earth will continue, as two terrible civil wars will break out in America, where by one will follow the other.

287. Afterwards, the United States of America will break apart and deadly hostility will prevail among her, which then leads to the division into five different territories; and it cannot be prevented that sectarian fanatics will play a dictatorial role.

Regarding the year 2020, Meier was told for the first time in 1975:

“…According to your (the Plejarens) probability calculations, the superpower USA could come to an end after the year 2020, if nothing in this country changes for the better by then, and if those who are the USA’s allies continue to dissociate from that country, or even become open enemies of that country…”

END devider
Luke Ruehlman - Boy 5, Claims He Lived Past Life As Woman Who Died In Chicago Fire
February 20, 2015

NOTE: Billy Meier continues to be correct with his Plejaren information:  The Spirits are not getting their allotted rest period of 56+ years before returning to the Earth for reincarnation.  As things are configured now due to overpopulation and excessive births, after death, the spirits return to the Earth's invisible zone and is then sent back too soon causing lots of new variables/problems in society.  Even though the terrestrials have solid proof right in front of them/their eyes of reincarnation, they are not cognitive enough to rationalize this due to the illogical knowledge that the religious leadership has taught mankind throughout the ages. (For the spirits to fully rest in the beyond, 150 years are required for the SOL System. The formula to compute the exact number of years in the beyond/ether/guff is multiplied by a certain number and how long the person lived, but that formula is not currently valid due to the birthrate imbalance. And at some point the birthrate will have to be regulated.)

Video 1 and Article: Click To Watch | Video 2: Click To Watch

02/19/2015 | The Huffington Post | By Andy Campbell

Luke Ruehlman is a healthy 5-year-old boy. Still, he's already had a lifetime of experiences -- he has even died!

At least, that's what he claims. In a bizarre series of TV interviews, Ruehlman has managed to convince at least a few people that he lived a past life as Pam Robinson, an African-American Chicago woman who died in a fire at the Paxton Hotel in 1993.

Ruehlman started weirding out his stay-at-home mom, Erika, at the age of 2, when he started talking about a mystery woman named Pam. Later, she would ask him directly who the heck Pam was.

"He turned to me and said, 'Well, I was,'" she told Fox 8 (video above). "[He said] 'Well, I used to be, but I died and I went up to heaven. I saw God and then eventually, God pushed me back down and I was a baby and you named me Luke.'"

Pam Robinson died in her 30's in a Chicago hotel fire.

Ruehlman also reportedly said he traveled by train in Chicago. The Cincinnati family didn't know anyone named Pam, and Luke had never been to the Windy City. His mom was baffled. She investigated further and found Pam Robinson, who was one of 19 people who died in a 1993 hotel fire.

Robinson's family declined to comment on the story.

The boy's odd ability to remember places he's never been is intriguing, to be sure. If this sounds amazing, it's not that unusual on the show that revealed this story, Lifetime's "Ghost Inside My Child" -- and the last time we checked up on one of the show's reports, it was a mess.

In an episode just a few months ago, a Virginia family's reincarnation story drew skepticism almost immediately after it aired.

Andrew Lucas, 4, of Virginia Beach, claimed he was a reincarnated Marine, and his stories seemed to match up with the death of a U.S. Marine who reportedly died in a bombing in Beirut, in 1983.

But facts have a habit of getting in the way of good stories. Not only could show producers not find the family of the dead Marine -- leaving questions about the Marine's very existence on the table -- but a reporter who interviewed Lucas' family told HuffPost Weird News that producers helped Lucas' mom make the whole thing up. Publicists have denied that tidbit, as publicists would.

Do inconsistencies on the show pull a rug out from under Ruehlman's story? Not so fast, Erika told Fox 8 -- this story needs to be told.

"It's a positive one," she said. "One of unification."

Then Luke's grandma told Fox 8 that Lifetime didn't pay them anything to do the episode.


[ Billy Meier | Reincarnation ]
ptaahThree Races Of People Living In Peace For 1200 years, And Are Not Religiously Deluded
March 8, 2015

Contact Reports volume: 9 (Plejadisch-plejarische Kontaktberichte, Gespräche, Block 9)
Page number(s): 27 - 31
Date/time of contact: Monday, 21st July 2003, 15:11
Translator(s): Lawrence Driscoll
Date of original translation: 27th February 2015

(Editor: The evolution of these three races is similar to the Earth people in the year 1968. They are united and have put all their technologies to work to improve their well-being.)

Billy: Man, friend Ptaah, this is really a surprise. Be warmly welcomed and greeted, you universe explorer. Tell me, since when are you back here? Florena only told me today at noon, that today someone will still drop by me, but she said nothing about, that this would be you. Clearly it goes well with you and you also appear to be contented, therefore I assume, your expedition must have culminated successfully.

Ptaah: 1. You are very pleased to see me, my friend. 2. This applies however also on my part and it particularly pleases me to see you well and in good health. 3. Be greeted yourself as well, - 4. Yes, your assumption is correct, because my expedition was successful. 5. This at least for the first venture, about which you certainly want to hear, I assume, yes? 6. To say is this that suddenly everything very quickly has come to an end because on June 30th when we have unexpectedly found a humanity, to which a probe in space brought us when we searched for its origin. 7. Unfortunately however, I do not have enough time at my disposal, to explain everything in detail, consequently, I will catch up on this at a later time.

Billy: Of course. I know, because Quetzal reported to me regarding this probe. However, he was of the opinion that your expedition was to last still a longer time. Now, however start shooting – briefly and succinctly. What arises from the foreign universe? You must not be detailed, but just briefly and succinctly describe the most important events. We can talk about it at a later time in detail, as you say.

Ptaah: 8. So then listen: 9. Actually it appeared, that we must extend our expedition still several months, but then success arrived unexpectedly. 10. First, after a many month long search we found a planet, on which rather still wild humans lived, who were only equipped with stone axes, stone spears and stone knives.

Billy: Thus, cave men, respectively Stone Age humans or similar, correct?

Ptaah: 11. Yes. 12. The lived partly in caves, but also partly in primitive huts, which they made out of branches, leaves and moss. 13. We were able to find 46 different groups on the planet. 14. The planet itself had large primeval forests as well as fertile land, on which many and diverse animals roamed and fed themselves on all kinds of things. 15. You can yourself imagine approximately the same appearance that Earth presented around six million years ago. 16. Weeks later, after which we further penetrated into the foreign universe, we came upon a small artificial object, which was drifting through free space. 17. When we got hold of it, we established, that it was a probe created by intelligent life forms, which certainly had served for the exploration of a planet, but however apparently was driven from its course and was thrown out into free space. 18. So we calculated the flight path of the probe and followed it for several months, after which we then actually reached a solar system, in which about a dozen planets moved around a central star, although certainly only two of the planets were developed in such a way, that they were able to carry higher life, as we soon discovered. 19. On one of the planets, the third, which was somewhat smaller than Earth and which was about 1.51 astronomical units distant from the sun and which travelled on its 677 day long orbit about the central star and had a self-rotation of 21 hours and 37 minutes, there existed no human, but only higher animal lifeforms of primeval form, as well as also this primeval condition applied to the vegetation. 20. The second planet, somewhat greater than the Earth, had three large island continents, which existed in a large salt water ocean and were surrounded by a large number of smaller islands. 21. Their entire mass was around one third greater than the continental masses and islands of Earth together. 22. This planet was at a distance from the sun of 1.48 astronomical units and had a self-rotation of 22 hours and 52 minutes. 23. The planet carried human civilizations, in fact there were three different races, which consisted of diverse peoples, who were of white, green and blue color, adding to a total number of around 498 million human beings. 24. Our clarifications, which we carried out unobserved and without direct contact undertakings with the occupants, resulted in astonishing things as I want to explain as follows: 25. The populations of the three continents mastered only three different languages each one with a uniform dialect, which we nowhere else have yet detected. 26. And although the three races work together in every respect, such as, medically, scientifically and technologically, etc., they do not mix with one another in the way that there would exist marriage alliances between members of different races. 27. All three races had the same culture, the same state of knowledge in all things and a medical science, which, highly developed, registered only just minor sicknesses, so in this respect they are far ahead of terrestrial medical and surgical science. 28. There was nothing to find regarding religions and cults of any kind, because all three races in no way at all recognize faith, but only a kind of universal philosophy, which is based on the fact, that all life and existence arises from a higher power, which is simply called the ‘Power’ by them. 29. This is quite reverently observed, respected and honored, however it is not worshiped and not venerated. 30. The ‘Power’ constitutes for them all origin of life and all existence, which both comes to be, and again passes away and again comes to be, and a unity in a duality is taught, so the material and the ‘Power’, which lives in the material, passes away and again comes to be, while the material dissolves and changes into other material forms.

Billy: This is practically the reincarnation of the spiritform. The ‘Power” would be then simply Creation and at the same time the spiritform.

Ptaah: 31. So it is, just only with other terms, as well as also everything interpreted and understood by the occupants of the planet. 32. Regarding these three races still is to say, that they are absolutely peaceful, in fact, both from human to human, as well as however also among the races and their peoples themselves. 33. Wars are foreign to them just as well as hate and criminality, and purely technologically viewed, they are at the position which prevailed with Earth humans in the year 1968.

Billy: Astonishing. Then, these human beings are far ahead of earthlings. However, how is it then with the form of government?

Ptaah: 34. Each people decides totally on all interests, although a total representation of all three races exists, which is built in the form of an assembly of men and women, which as highest authority is to gain the required recognition of the will of the people.

Billy: A little complicatedly expressed, my friend. If I correctly understand your words, then with these three races and their peoples so to say there exists a combined leadership, which consist of persons, respectively representatives, of all three races. This leadership personnel exists in the service of the people, respectively of all peoples and executes their decision, respectively, they are responsible for the fact, that the will of people, respectively peoples is carried out. Then it is so to say a proper democracy. And how is it with these leadership personnel, do they have then also their own power of decision?

Ptaah: 35. Your interpretation corresponds to the sense of my words. 36. The leadership personnel, which consists of three persons from all peoples have only executing and advisory powers of the respective peoples and they do not have their own possibility for decision. 37. All leadership personnel are elevated to the standing of wise persons, whose duty it also is, to work out all required necessities and present them to the people, who then decide about them. 38. The three races and all of their peoples have no other party natures at all, like this is the case with Earth humans. 39. On the other hand they have the manner of voting in the way, as was the case since ancient times in Switzerland in the manner of rural communities, in which the majority decision applied. 40. The interests, on which must be voted, are announced first by the leadership personnel on the day of the vote, when the people assemble and have to deliver a, for or against, vote. 41. So therefore no previous consultations are able to be made, consequently each citizen of each people according to his own discretion and in accordance with his decision has to make his own choice.

Billy: Interesting. How is it then with the military, respectively the armed forces?

Ptaah: 42. Here, pure harmony and peace exists among all three races and all of their peoples for a little more than 1208 planetary years and also exist no armed forces and no weapons industries for military purposes.

Billy: And so what about the police?

Ptaah: 43. There is no such organization in the way, like on Earth. 44. Security personnel are certainly existing, but these constitute an order protection and safety protection which provide for the order and safety of the population regarding natural events, by which I mean events of nature. 45. The races and their peoples themselves live in an order, which has no degenerations, like this is the case with the people on Earth.

Billy: So to speak, an ideal state.

Ptaah: 46. In certain respects can actually of an ideal be spoken.

Billy: What to me is still of interest, dear friend is their technology of locomotion. Do they have also still such primitive airplanes and automobiles, etc., like we on Earth? This is certainly to be assumed, if they have the technological position, which we possessed in 1968, am I correct?

47. Your assumption is not entirely correct, because certainly they have a similar technology of locomotion, but the drives are not sustained by explosion motors using benzene and diesel oil, but they are driven with synthetic substances. 48. All three races and all of their peoples do not exploit the petroleum of the world. 49. All necessary substances for all things are from plants of many kinds as well as produced synthetically.

Billy: And the food?

Ptaah: 50. There exist large community gardens as well as joint farming holdings, like gardens and small farms, which however are also run by individual persons or small groups. 51. And before you ask: 52. There are economically useful animals kept and bred for work and for food purposes, though however any form of cruelty to animals is taboo. 53. Flesh for food of humans is solely produced through breeding and slaughtering of certain animals. 54. Fruits, vegetables and flesh of many and diverse forms as well as all other necessary food items and required products of other kinds are in abundance and plentiful, and from this follows that nowhere does famine exist. 55. All bodies of waters and forests, meadows, fields and marsh areas are healthy and completely intact. 56. Chemical products are not laid down for the purposes of protection or growth of plants, but only substances, which in turn consist of natural products. 57. Hunting for any wild game is taboo, because game flesh is likewise only produced through breeding, like this also is the case with fish flesh, etc..

Billy: Have you also established how old the humans get to be?

Ptaah: 58. Naturally. 59. The average age of the humans of all three races is a uniform 128 years and death as a rule is due to old age.

Billy: Therefore, they are regarding this also a great deal ahead of earthlings. However, what happens then with the passed away humans, I mean, how are they laid to rest – cremated or buried, etc.?

Ptaah: 60. The deceased are laid out upon a stone bed far away from residential areas in especially created for them, individual small, yet very stable stone houses, after which the entrance is closed with rocks and boulders. 61. After that, the deceased are left to decompose.

Billy: Do you mean by this something like a vault? Is it with the bereaved then also as is usual on Earth, that they visit these tombs?

Ptaah: 62. No, this does not likewise belong to tradition as well as also not the decoration of tombs with flowers, etc.. 63. Also, no inscriptions are displayed, and no ritual at all is indulged in, at the burial. 64. Among all races exists also no fear of dying and death. 65. The whole thing is considered and honored as a natural and inevitable event.

Billy: So should it also be with us. Yet tell me now: You are only really able to reach this foreign universe, because in your ancient data you had the recordings of Henok at your disposal. Was Henok perhaps already over there? And do you go back again soon?

Ptaah: 66. The recordings in accordance with certain things indicated that Henok was actually in this foreign universe. 67. However we first must exactly still discover this, which a travel back in time back will certainly be required, precisely into the time, when Henok worked. 68. On my part for the time being, I will not be returning back there, but a large part of our expedition remains over there, consequently it will further explore the three human races and everything around them as well as a large part of the universe.

Billy: Good, then I do not want to ask you further about these things. Indeed, you said that you wanted to tell me more later.

Ptaah: 69. I will do this little by little, when we talk in a private way.

Billy: Very well.


View Table Of Contents - Version 4-2016 (UPDATED), PDF Format - Link: > Download Book from MediaFire

[ Billy Meier Contact Report 345 ]
Michael Jackson

Translated By Dyson Devine & Vivienne Legg
Sept. 26, 2009

mjReader's Question
Dear Billy: "As discussed, I am sending you my questions regarding the death of Michael Jackson."

Question: "Of what did Michael Jackson die? And has his untimely death perhaps something to do with him suffering from the pressure of success, or even under the accusation of child molestation, which, however, could never be proven against him in court. Did he have a nervous breakdown? Do you know something more dependable than that which comes through the media?"

Ptaah: "There is certainly something to mention of significance in terms of predictions. For example, the "King of Pop", Michael Jackson - in eleven days calculated from today, respectively, on June 25th - will suffer a cardiac arrest and pass away as a consequence of an irresponsibly negligent overdose of a cocktail of narcotic medications."

Billy: "Poor bloke. In spite of his success, and his acquired fortune, he has had a difficult life. But what was it actually with the assertion that he has been a paedophile and has molested children? With the best will, I simply cannot imagine that."

Ptaah: "That corresponds to nothing other than infamous lies, which were invented by parents who had allowed their children to go to Michael Jackson, to then mendaciously accuse him in the courts, in an infamous manner, and to financially exploit him. Due to my own interest, I have, at that time, made an effort about these things and determined that none of the assertions corresponded to the truth, rather, on the contrary, everything was only mendacious inventions in order to draw a financial gain out of it. The allegedly molested children were drilled for so long by their parents, in regard to their mendacious stories, until they finally deluded themselves that the lies were true and asserted that they had been sexually abused. But such abuses have never occurred, as I was able to unequivocally clear up, because, above all, Michael Jackson loved children and would have never done anything to them like that. He himself had never experienced a real childhood, rather he was irresponsibly forced to give it up by his father on account of music, singing and success."

"But the lad had never coped with that and, because of that, in his essence, he has always remained a boy, consequently he also surrounded himself with children and engaged in all kinds of games, and so forth, with them, which, however, were, in every manner, clean and correct as well as loving, and in no way showed any kind of sexual abusiveness at all."

"The man, Jackson, has, in his essence, remained a boy - very sensitive, kind and, additionally, living dreamily in his own strange world, which did not - respectively, only in a few small parts - coincide with reality. Unfortunately, his funeral will be made into a monstrous spectacle, which corresponds to a glorification."

Billy: "Your explanation pleases me, even if, in its entirety, it deals with a sad case and also arouses grief in relation to his death. I can imagine that very many humans will honestly grieve for him, because his music and his singing were good, even if it did deal with pop. This is in opposition to other types of pop, which, for years and up to the present day, are quite the usual thing and are truly nothing other than a monstrous disharmonic screeching, wailing and howling, compared to which the howling of wolves sounds positively harmonic."

Ptaah: "You have said that very well, because, as a rule, nowadays, that which the young Earth humans designate as music and singing, and to which the youth are frenetically devoted, no longer contains any kind of harmony. As you say, it deals thereby still only with screeching, wailing and howling, which no longer contains any kind of harmony, rather only aggression, to which the youth succumb and become dangerously asocial. In that way certain youth become furious destroyers of human acquisitions as well as degenerates, who - unscrupulously, and full of hate and as a result of naked lust and willfulness, and so forth - endanger their fellow men, or even seriously injure them, bash them to the point of making them handicapped, or kill them."

"Actually, in this regard, a very great part is based in the forms which are called singing and music, whereby the discordant pop and similar forms, basically promote in the youth, aggression, a social behavior, a lack of responsibility, a lack of virtue, and hate, and so forth. Through these forms of screeching, wailing and howling, as you say, which today is called singing and music, the Earth humans - especially the children and youth - lose, more and more, the respect for societal norms, virtues and that which is upright."

"Principally, many youth - who have not enjoyed an appropriate upbringing, and are thereby already inclined towards asocial degenerations - allow themselves thereby, more than ever, to be reshaped into that which is evil and bad, out of which arises contempt for humans, for the law and for order.
Factors, out of which also racism, extremism, radicalism and terrorism arise."

"Arising, on the other hand, from the aforementioned so-called music and the unmelodic screeching, however, is also the opposite, namely, that the youth are misled, by religious people and other sectarians, into becoming believers in religion and God as a result of the delight which has overcome them. Consequently they become believers in the God delusion, as you pointedly mention in your new book. Truly harmonic singing and harmonic music is created only very rarely, and if so, then only by older humans and interpreters who are still devoted to the truly harmonic sounds and consequently also have a corresponding life-style."

[ FIGU Special Bulletin Nr. 49 | Michael Jackson's Death A Homicide ]

Update: Nov 22, 2009
"Tragedies related to Michael Jackson. First Evan Chandler -- father of Jordan Chandler, the boy who first accused Michael of molestation -- committed suicide by handgun, sparking speculation that he'd perhaps done so out of guilt over the whole child molestation scandal that arguably started the downward spiral of the fallen King Of Pop's bizarre life. We shall never really know, and there was no suicide note at the scene." Link: Article

Editor's Comment:
What did Evan Chandler knows about his son Jordan lying regarding the Michael Jackson case?

Androids Programmed To Behave Like Earth Humans
Translated By βενιαμιν
Sept. 19, 2009

Semjase: "Under the present circumstances, such a step is no longer to be expected, but on the other hand, we realize that we have simply expected too much from you. If we had put one of our androids in your position, then he would have destroyed himself if all of this illogicalness had arisen. We actually expected too much from you; a test has proved this. Quetzal came up with the idea. He wanted to know to what extent a half-organic apparatus could bear the illogicalness that has crept into the group."

Billy: "So, nevertheless, a crazy idea. But, at the same time, what happened?"

androidSemjase: "A very bad result. You would describe it as devastating. Quetzal programmed an android with all records of negating and negative forms of all group members. These stored illogical ways of acting and thinking led to the fact that the android became crazy in all of his actions and speeches. He developed his apparatus for this purpose; in addition, you do not understand the whole scope of the experiment:"

"Our androids are programmed based on absolute logic in thinking and acting, and these abilities surpass even our own respective abilities and potential. The results were awful."

"Now, during the line-to-store transfer, Quetzal also paid close attention to the fact that your own data of your work and all your efforts towards the instruction of the group members and all their interests became programmed into the second android. Thus, the exact situation arose in the two androids, which included everything that happened between you and the group members since the beginning. On the one hand, the overall view of the group members was placed into the first android, and on the other hand, your data was placed into the second android. Expecting something terrible to happen, Quetzal placed both androids in an old beamship in the vicinity of the planet Pluto, where he then activated them and they began to live. Then, on our view screens, we could watch the terrible sight. Already after a few minutes, the android programmed with your data began to become visibly ill, while our recording devices registered an action of complete helplessness. Soon, totally apathetically, he wanted to destroy himself the very next moment, but then suddenly, he senselessly and angrily raised his voice. Meanwhile, the second android spoke absolutely crazy words without thinking and manipulated all of the ship's apparatuses without sense or purpose."

"Despite the visible internal difficulty of the android programmed with your data, he tried again and again to bring the other android stored with the illogical data to reason, which he apparently managed to do quite often. But truly, this was only apparent because as our recording devices clearly determined, the attempts at reconciliation and reason only worked so far that the logic of the words of the android representing you released reassuring impulses, while the second android did not at all keep in mind to make himself own the logical explanations."

"The investigations of the registry devices unambiguously proved that the negatively programmed android had developed a blatant form of self-addiction, egoism, and individualism, as well as a lust for power, and was not determined, despite the superficial acknowledging of the logical explanations offered to him, etc. to make himself really own them."

"Truly, as the recording devices unambiguously showed, he only wanted his own will to count and to enforce it, which finally went so far that your android rapidly deteriorated and suddenly became crazy. As we could see from our devices, his artificial organic brain mass slowly started to cook and to steam. Then, there was an explosion, and his head was torn up beyond all recognition."

"Meanwhile, the other android, who only cared about this briefly, continued to act completely illogically and, moreover, spoke very confused and crazy things. Then the moment came when he wildly and senselessly hit the ship's equipment and created an inferno when he accidentally touched the automatic self-destruct mechanism of the ship, and it was destroyed in an immense explosion."

"For us, it was proof that we had expected inhuman traits from you. What an android cannot take, a human life form cannot take either. Only through Quetzal’s test could we grasp the full scope of what had caved in on you over all the years. Through all of our analyses, etc., we still did not know enough, which is why the self-destruction of the androids had to reveal the whole scope to us. That process of yours was also the reason why Quetzal carried out this horrific test."

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Billy Meier: Sept. 11, 2001, Al-Qaeda, Bin Laden, Israel, Economic Collapse In America

06-24-06, SteelMark: Michael Horn's recent visit with Billy Meier had some questions answered: "He said that Islam wasn't behind the attacks that it indeed was Al-Qaeda and Bin Laden, who they are not Islam so much as a creation of the U.S., who armed them as well. The attack on Iraq was not entirely about oil, because at the root of the U.S. war policies is the decline of the U.S. dollar, which could bring about a huge collapse in the U.S. economy and its world influence. Should that decline intensify, Meier said, we might as well roll cigarettes with our paper money, at least for those who still smoke. All of this supported the statement in the Henoch Prophecies regarding the U.S.'s aspirations to effect a worldwide military and economic dictatorship. I asked if the U.S. will attack Iran, a plan which has also been in development for several years. Meier said that, if the U.S. does attack Iran, it is very likely that Russia and China will attack the U.S., and that happens, it is also prophesied that Israel will be completely destroyed...apparently by China."

06-25-06, Gaia Guys: "If the U.S. wishes to avoid what is foretold in the Henoch Prophecies, “Far in the West, it will be different; the United States of America will be a country of total destruction. The cause for this will be manifold. With her global conflicts which are continuously instigated by her and which will continue far into the future, America is creating enormous hatred against her, worldwide, in many countries. As a result, America will experience enormous catastrophes, which will reach proportions barely imaginable to people of Earth. The destruction of the WTC, i.e., the World Trade Center, by terrorists will only be the beginning…” then it must withdraw from Iraq and all other lands where it has military forces."

08-11-06, Gaia Guys - Events In Israel, The Gaza Strip & Lebanon: "The Israeli reaction to that will be a military bandit-act, in which a great army conscription will drive into position in the Gaza area, and, from the 27th to the 28th of this month, will start new war-activity with grave results of great destruction against the Palestinians. In order to humiliate the Palestinians, various Hamas politicians will also be arrested and accused. The entire thing will lead to new waves of hate and to new malicious riots. Whereby, naturally, the political, military and terrorist world-situation will again be more unstable and more dangerous, which again spreads angst and terror and brings much vexation for any who make an effort for real peace as well as for freedom and for humanity. If it goes further, then the prophecy of a third world fire (World War III) in the year 2006 will indeed still be fulfilled, also if that is not to be hoped for. To these crazy war mongers and war leaders, however, also belongs the USA, which terrorizes the population in Afghanistan and in Iraq with its presence and with its atrocities as well as with its military force, (and) sets the various groups of believers against each other and, as far as possible, conjures up civil wars. Also, the fact that the irresponsible mighty ones and followers of the USA, Great Britain and Germany, and so forth, one-sidedly support Israel, discriminate against the Muslims and deny them all help, also does not lead to peace coming about. And to be said, in regard to the prophesied third world fire, is that it indeed does not yet appear as such, and as a fulfillment of the prophecy, yet that can change very quickly through the craziness of the responsible-ones in the world, and indeed from one hour to another. However, the way the situation appears between the irresponsible power-greedy ones on our world, the possibility exists, still long into the distant future, that a third world war disastrously draws over the Earth. On Tuesday, the 25th of July it will come to pass in Lebanon that the Israeli Air Force will bomb a UN post, whereby UN soldiers stationed there will be killed. This criminal act will be secretly planned and carried out with full intention which will, however, be denied by the Israeli government and the military forces. The attack on the UN post will therefore result, because the Israeli government and their military force do not want to accept any UN troops who also keep a close eye on them, the Israelis, and the criminal machinations. With the conduct of war in Lebanon and in the Gaza Strip, Israeli sets itself above all human rights and agreement in regard to a supervised conduct of war, and grins maliciously in the face of the entire world which, aside from big and useless words, undertakes nothing to stop the Israelis, as well as, however, Hezbollah and their supporters and helpers, and to prepare an end to the criminal murder and destruction."

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dividerMonstrous Hurricane Awaits The U.S. In The Future
Reposted: 09-20-05
Date: Tuesday, 12 April 2005

Future devastation of the United States by a huge monstrous hurricane: One of the factions, whose name I will not mention; and the prophecy goes like this: America due to its political disorder with Canada will be thrown into war. This will result in a massive attack by a foreign power coming into the East of America, which will result to a great degree of having U.S. troops fight in their own country, because Western Europe will look the other way, for they are having their own problems. The group will unleash its latest weapons and from it America will be destroyed to a large degree.

Terrible and horrible hurricanes and tornados will be unleashed on the American continent, crushing and destroying everything that comes into their paths. These hurricanes work in conjunction with the terrifying giant fire-cylinders that travels at high-speeds across that continent leveling everything to rubble and ashes killing all life.

With anger penned up for years, this mighty one will not rest yet, and therefore will not be satisfied with the destruction they have unleashed on America. The group will pull from their bag one last hurrah. They will unleash a mammoth hurricane, the largest one of all, causing devastation and destroying everything, and what is not destroyed, will mercilessly fall to the screaming inferno of the fire-cylinders following the mammoth hurricane. The path of this monster will race northward, across the American continent, and then suddenly it changes course to a northeastern direction...

Note: This hurricane is slated to happen during World War III.

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Elemental Weapons
Reposted: 09-20-05
Date: Sunday, 13 February 2005, 12:33 p.m.

>What is going on with the weather in the western United States?

Some of it is attributed to Elemental Weapons; also known as Nature Catastrophe Weapons. Its existence is a tightly guarded secret.

What you are witnessing now in the United States is just the beginning phase of her destruction. As negative forces increase in America and the world through her intrigues, so will the use of the Elemental Weapons by the group.

This is the prime weapon that will be used to bring death, destruction and misery to America. We have various accounts on how it will be used.

One account of the Elemental Weapon will bring England to her knees with a terrible and wicked storm that will show no mercy. Thereafter, the nuclear weapons that U.S. President Reagan secretly had hidden in France to launch an attack on Russia, Russia will grab this stockpile of weapons with a quick blow to France and after the Elemental Weapon has prepared England, Russia will release that weapons stockpile on her, etc. bringing that country to a garbage heap. Russia will remove the Rothschild, Zionists, the British Royal House, etc. from their seat of great power.

The damned last pope will escape his faith of the fury storm released on Rome, Italy, but his Vatican house will fall. The damned pope will dress in disguise and flee across the Atlantic to South America.

In these days we are reaching a point where nothing more can be resolved through peaceful means.

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Reader: Will The ETs Let Us Nuke Ourselves?
Date of Reply: July 21, 2005

>Will the ETs let us nuke ourselves?

If it would result in nuclear detonation for the destruction of planet Earth, the ETs would stop us. So if the Earth is safe from obliteration, the nuking on Earth would still happen minus the destruction of the planet.

Back in the 1980s the transcripts given to our group by the extraterrestrials spoke of a global nuclear war. They referred to it at the time as "nuclear fire". The global nuclear war won't happen yet, but what Bush Jr. and Blair will continue in 2006 will bring us closer to global war.When the time comes mostly those with access to underground fortresses will find safety; while those of the surface world will perish in very, very large numbers.

>St Clair's statement about the ETs not letting us nuke ourselves?

The ET's 'will not impose their will' and stop a nuclear war. Nuclear savagery is part of the evolution tribulation of man and ego. Only man can stop that.

They do interfere using consciousness-related reasoning, which implies that neutralizing thoughts are imbedded into the minds of terrestrials unknowingly, with the terrestrials naturally thinking that those thoughts originated from their own reasoning. The terrestrials now have to act on that and try to halt whatever destructive pattern lies ahead. However, sometimes the terrestrial reasoning can negatively overwhelm, ignoring positive consciousness-related reasoning.

For now, ignore all the Armageddon propaganda, because all the signs for the fulfillment of World War III are not yet in place.

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Modern Prayer To The Deceivers On Earth

To our politicians, religious leaders, gurus, managers and money swindlers
who exploit the Earth and embezzle from its people, disappear from our existence,
hard physical labor awaits you.

Repent, learn and understand how you have degenerated our lives.
So that your will and your madness may never again happen here on this planet.

Return to us what you have taken from us using trickery and deceit:
Our freedom, our money, our security and our contentment.

Show your face never again.
Hard labor you deserve.
In eternity I pray.


Horst D. Sennholz, Germany