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ushyperGerman Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier For Peace Stands Up Against The War-Woman Zionist Angela Merkel
BATTLEFORWORLD - June 19, 2016 - News: "German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier has criticised NATO for having a bellicose policy towards Russia, describing it as 'warmongering', the German daily Bild reported." Link: Read Article

Russia Won't Be Invading NATO Countries, Germany Shouldn't Help Start A New Arms Race – Schroeder
BATTLEFORWORLD - June 19, 2016 - News: "Germany should work to mend relations with Russia rather than taunt it by placing troops in Eastern Europe near its borders, especially in light of Germany’s history as Russia's invader, former Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder said in a recent news interview." Link: Read Article

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[ France, Italy, Netherlands Now Want Referendum... | War-Woman Merkel Urges to Boost Defense Spending Ahead of NATO Summit | German Politicians, Scientists to Send Letter to Merkel on Ties With Russia

Russian Dr. Koryagina Forecasts Sept. 11, 2001 (911) And The Collaspe Of America
BATTLEFORWORLD - August 18, 2016 - News: Before the attack and destruction of the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001 happened, a Russian economist, Dr. Tatyana Koryagina did an interview with Pravda published on July 12, 2001, where Dr. Koryagina detailed a scenario that was ominously prophetic, most likely from intelligence information, about a looming disaster being planned for the United States.)

Tatyana Koryagina of RussiaThe Russian State Duma in early July 2001 convened a conference entitled, “On the measures to provide the development of Russian economy in the environment of destabilization of the world financial system.”  So evidently, Russian officials had intuition regarding troubles that were ahead.

At that conference Dr. Tatyana Koryagina, a senior research fellow at the Institute of Macroeconomic Research an advisory to Russian Ministry of Economic Development, made a statement at the end of the Duma hearings, saying – as a Russian expert in the shadow economy, shadow politics...

The theme of the Duma hearings was the forthcoming economic crash of the United States. The discussion focused on preparing recommendations for President Putin as to what steps Russia should take to soften the consequences of this coming catastrophe.

Participants at the Duma hearings stated that America is a colossal financial pyramid, on the verge of crashing soon. And that it was difficult to understand how this could happen to the richest country in the world – without a war, without missile or bomb strikes.

The following is an excerpt from the July 12, 2001 Pravda interview:

Koryagina: Besides bombs and missiles, there are other kinds of weaponry, much more destructive ones...

Pravda: Well, economic theory. But how is it possible for you to give an exact date for the U.S. crash – August 19th?

Koryagina: The U.S. is engaged in a mortal economic game. The known history of civilization is merely the visible part of the iceberg. There is a Shadow Economy, Shadow Politics and also a Shadow History, known to conspiratologists. There are unseen forces acting in the world, unstoppable for the most powerful countries and even continents. (Editor: Shadow Economy where “Wall Street” and the “City of London” are deeply involved; and the Shadow Politics are controlled by the Ruling Financial Elites; and the Shadow History is about the secrecy to dominate and rule the world. The popular One World Order ideologues are Zbigniew Brzezinski, Madeleine Albright, Henry Kissinger, etc. And Henry Kissinger cannot be allowed to die, at least not yet, because he’s such a deep fixture in the Shadow History because he knows a lot about the mission and the endgame, working on behalf of the Ruling Elites.)

Pravda: These forces intend to smash America on August 19th?

Koryagina: There are international, “super-state” and “super-government” groups. In accordance with tradition, the mystical and religious components play extremely important roles in human history. One must take into account the shadow economy, shadow politics and the religious component, while predicting the development of the present financial situation.

Pravda: Still I don't understand what could be done to this giant country [the U.S.], whose budget is calculated in the trillions of dollars.

Koryagina: It is possible to do anything to the U.S. ... whose total debt has reached $26 trillion. Generally, the Western economy is at the boiling point now. Shadow financial actives of $300 trillion are hanging over the planet. At any moment, they could fall on any stock exchange and cause panic and crash. The recent crisis in Southeast Asia, which touched Russia, was a rehearsal.

Pravda: What is the sense of smashing just America?

Koryagina: The U.S. has been chosen as the object of “financial attack” because the financial center of the planet is located there. The effect will be maximal. The strike waves of economic crisis will spread over the planet instantly, and will remind us of the blast of a huge nuclear bomb. (Editor: The September 11, 2001 terrorist attack in America was the start of the “Financial Attack”, which gave motion to the Terror War using radical Islam ideology to spread war chaos all over the planet. The United States economy is in destructive mode and cannot be easily fixed. The Terror War is being used to buy time by destroying as much as possible, as hinted by the former U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice to the then Iraqi Minister Hazim Al-Shaalan. Where much of everything is destroyed by the shadow forces to start anew, because within the current system they have manipulated economies and polities beyond repair.)

Pravda: Did Russia’s crisis of 1998 have this religious-mystical component?

Koryagina: . . . The Russian crisis of 1998 was preconditioned by internal factors. Yeltsin’s policy enlarged its consequences. Now we have President Putin, and this is a good choice.

Pravda: What do we have to do now?

Koryagina: Recommendations, compiled by the Duma Commission of Economic Politics after the recent Duma hearings, offer instruction on what should be done to escape the consequences of a world crisis inspired by a financial catastrophe in the U.S. This document will be sent – or has already been sent – to President Putin.

Pravda: What should Russian citizens do?

Koryagina: They should start changing their dollars for Rubles. President Putin and the Russian Central Bank are already taking the necessary healthy measures. There are high chances that after 19th of August the Ruble will become a very good currency. (Editor: But the U.S. and its allies started to launch “Economic Warfare” on Russia to weaken the Ruble and destroy their economy by decreasing the price of oil and using Ukraine to agitate Russia so that the West can apply sanctions. And as Koryagina said, this Powerful Group is afraid of nothing and have zero value for human lives.)

Pravda: Why the 19th of August and, say, not the 21st?

Koryagina: Some fluctuation in this date is possible. Serious forces are acting against those who are now preparing the attack on the United States. August, with very high probability, will bring the financial catastrophe to the U.S.... The last 10 days of August have especial importance from a religious-sensible point of view. (Editor: The September 11, 2001 terrorist attack in America did not go 100% percent according to plan because counter forces were activated to soften the blow.)

After the September 11, 2001 terror attack in America, Pravda did another interview with Dr. Koryagina, in summary:

The Pravda article was titled “Who Will Strike America In Its Back?”

Koryagina: New Strikes Will Come – in the near term, the powerful group that masterminded the events of Sept. 11 will make new strikes against America – of a financial nature and otherwise. They will strike America in the back. Americans are consolidating around their government and preparing retaliatory strikes against the “terrorists.” But the Americans are trembling about spending. They will understand after the upcoming new strikes that their government can guarantee them nothing; they will panic – causing a collapse of their financial system.

I did not make a serious mistake (in my forcast), because between August 15 and 20, the dollar started trembling under the pressure of multiple bad news about the U.S. and world economy. And within weeks, the Manhattan skyscrapers fell down. As a result, a significant part of the world financial network was paralyzed. This strike was aimed at destabilization and destruction of America and all the countries, in domino fashion, that are making countless billions of dollars.

The Powerful Group behind these strikes; the U.S. is painting a false picture. The operation was not the work of 19 terrorists, but a larger group seeking to reshape the world. A group of extremely powerful private persons, with total assets of about $300 trillion, intends to legalize its power and to become the new world government. The Sept. 11 strikes showed that this group is afraid of nothing – human lives have zero value for them.

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US has 'false economy' & artificial stock market – Trump ]


Islamic State Was Set Up By United States

TASS - November 19, 2015 - "Islamic State was set up by 'guys' US had kept in jail but released afterwards — Lavrov. The process went out of control of the foreign powers to have turned into a self-developing movement with vast territories being seized, the Russian Foreign Minister says.
The terrorist organization calling itself the Islamic State has been created by some "guys" the United States had kept in jail in Iraq and Afghanistan for sometime only to release them afterwards, Russian Foreign Minister said in a radio interview. "The period when our Western colleagues and some of their friends in the region systematically evaded the political process (in Syria) involved a great number of terrorists, extremists and foreign militants, commissioned to try to overthrow the regime (of Bashar Assad)," Lavrov said. "At a certain point those who were encouraging that must have lost control of the situation and the foreign militants’ terrorist instincts gained the upper hand. They suddenly realized they had a great chance to translate into reality the idea the so-called Islamic State had harboured back in the middle of last decade. And to do that with the hands of the guys that the Americans had kept in jail in Iraq and Afghanistan to release afterwards." "The process went out of control of the foreign powers to have turned into a self-developing movement: vast territories have been seized, including cultural and historical heritage sites. These monuments and artefacts are being put up for sale or destroyed," Lavrov said. "Also, several oil fields have been captured and crude oil is being sold on the commercial scale." "Everybody has long been aware that this threat is a like a genie let out of the jar. There is no way of driving it back," he said." Link: Article


(US-Western Proxy Wars - Soldiers For Hire) Hundreds of Colombia Mercenaries Fight in Yemen Paid by Saudi-Led Coalition

SPUTNIKNEWS - November 2, 2015 - "Hundreds of former Colombian soldiers have joined the Saudi-led coalition – not free of charge, of course – and have now taken up front-line positions in Aden, South American media reports. Colombian hirelings are all set to enter the fighting. They are paid by one of the Saudi-led coalition members – most likely, by Saudi Arabia itself or the United Arab States – recent reports in South American media claim. After Bahrainis, Saudis, Qataris, Emiratis etc, reports of more mercenaries from Colombia, Ethiopia, Sudan, Mauritania coming to #Yemen. Up to 800 Colombian soldiers are taking "front-line positions" in Aden, the southern port city, where Sunni jihadists – mainly ISIL – have recently stepped into the fray with government forces and Saudi-led coalition units that captured this second most important city of Yemen from Shiite Houthi rebels just in August, the Spanish-language channel TeleSUR reported." Link: Article

Secret Documents: ISIL Planned Occupation of Syria Long Ago
SPUTNIKNEWS - April 18, 2015 - "
The German magazine “Der Spiegel” revealed that the religious fanaticism, which ISIL presents as its ideology, is not the group’s central focus. Their main goal was to conquer Syria and this move was planned by ISIL members long ago. The secret documents contain information about the strategy and structure of the terrorist group. They also explain how the terrorists managed to gain the upper hand in most parts of Syria. The papers revealed a number of highly complex intelligence methods, based on widespread espionage, surveillance and murder. ISIL members pretended to be Islamic preachers and spied on their opponents. They also passed on information to their leadership about power structures and weak points in populated areas. ISIL members were also responsible for organizing systematic "kidnappings" of charismatic rebel leaders and murdering them to prevent potential resistance, followed by massive military attacks supported by local armed agents. All of these plans were implemented, "Der Spiegel" wrote, based on the results of their own investigation and the secret documents. Hundreds of pages contain records of planned espionage operations, intelligence activities and methods to maintain their grip on the occupied areas. The documents reportedly belonged to a former Iraqi colonel known under the pseudonym Haji Bakr, who joined ISIL in 2004, and was killed in Syria in January 2014. " Link: Article
West Declares Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) A Country

RT - April 3, 2015 - "
In his article, published Tuesday, Cantlie notes that Western governments appear to have reached the "grudging" conclusion that the IS is unlike any other terror group. The photojournalist went on to claim that the Islamic State is a 'country' with all the characteristics of an operational state – a police force, schools, a fully functioning court system, and even its own currency. “At some stage, you're going to have to face the Islamic State as a country, and even consider a truce," Cantlie said, addressing Western leaders. "If there's no military-only solution to the Islamic State … at some point the only option will be an offer of a truce. And that's going to take some swallowing of pride," he said. The photojournalist went on to argue the alternative would be bloody, chaotic and destructive. He suggested Western leaders would need to “launch airstrikes in half-a-dozen countries at once" and effectively "destroy half the region" if they hope to defeat the IS. “But with the black flag of the Caliphate now seen on the skylines of Africa, Arabia, and Asia, a complete departure in how the West addresses this State is needed,” he said. Previously, Cantlie argued the West’s strategy against IS militants is futile and called upon the US administration to reevaluate how it approaches the terror group. In the fifth issue of Dabiq, Cantlie likened Western leaders to mechanical robots "stuck in a loop."" Link: Article

References -- Links:
[ CIA Director Admits: US Foreign Policy Causes Terrorism

U.S. Pending Atomic Bomb For Russia
ITAR-TASS - March 6, 2015 - "
A possible decision to disconnect Russia from international financial message system SWIFT can be compared to an "atomic weapon," Polish Foreign Minister Grzegorz Schetyna said on Friday. "If we speak about sanctions, this is an atomic weapon, an extreme measure. There is still a long list of sanctions that can be used before that. But it should be borne in mind that this weapon acts in both ways and can strike against all of us," the Polish foreign minister said at a joint press conference with UK Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond in Warsaw. The Polish foreign minister’s statement came in reply to a question at the end of the press conference, when journalists asked about how much time Schetyna and Hammond had paid in their discussion to the issue of Russia’s exclusion from the SWIFT international banking system and about the tone of their discussion. The head of the UK diplomacy was the first to answer the question but made no vivid comparisons. Hammond said Russia’s possible disconnection from the SWIFT bank messaging system was an extreme step that would affect the Russian economy. He added, however, this step would have its impact on both sides. None of the journalists present at the press conference asked the Polish foreign minister and his UK counterpart to specify the statement about the "atomic weapon."" Link: Article

Russia Gets Seat In SWIFT Board Of Directors
ITAR-TASS - March 11, 2015 - "The threat of Russia’s possible disconnection from SWIFT has not affected this decision, which was based on growing payment traffic in Russia through the international bank messaging system, the paper said. ...
Russia has taken up Hong Kong’s place in the SWIFT’s board of directors. SWIFT will hold a business forum on April 16 where a general meeting of RosSWIFT’s members will nominate a candidate to the international bank message system’s board of directors, Chernov said. ...Last year, Western countries considered disconnecting Russia from SWIFT as a possible sanction over Russia’s stance on developments in neighboring Ukraine. The proposal was made by UK Prime Minister David Cameron and was also mentioned in a resolution of the European parliament. ...SWIFT representatives said, however, they were not going to disconnect Russia from their system, despite political pressure they were experiencing. Being EU-based, SWIFT may disconnect Russia only if a relevant decision is made by the EU authorities, the international bank message system said. ...The Russian Central Bank has already started testing alternatives to SWIFT in Russia over the threat of Russia’s possible disconnection. The Central Bank provided domestic banks access from December 2014 to its alternative to the SWIFT bank message system for transactions inside Russia. Russia’s Central Bank has said the new service is intended to ensure uninterrupted and secure transfer of financial messages inside the country." Link: Article

BATTLEFORWORLD - March 6, 2015 - This means the sanctioned economic war by the USA, Britain and Europe will continue over Ukraine and the possibility of other incidents to unfold. The USA will eventually forced the others to go along and disconnect Russia from the SWIFT payment system and this action is going to bring down the Western financial system.

Putin Predicted Washington Would Employ Assassination Tactic Against Russia
PAULCRAIGROBERTS - March 1, 2015 - "The Saker provides a one minute video with translation of Putin explaining two years ago the Russian government’s concern that an overseas entity would use a false flag assassination within Russia in order to create an "involuntary martyr" that the Western media would use to demonize Russia. http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article41124.htm
According to this report by The Saker, http://www.globalresearch.ca/the-boris-nemtsov-assassination-russias-non-system-opposition-refuses-to-blame-the-kremlin/5434206 , the Washington-financed Russian opposition has not, as Washington hoped it would, joined the Western anti-Putin media campaign. Possibly the Washington-financed Russian NGOs have wised up from observing events in Ukraine. In place of "more democracy," they got a Washington stooge government squandering Ukraine’s last cent on a losing war. The most likely explanation of Nemtsov’s murder is that the CIA decided, as Nemtsov was completely marginalized as an opposition politician with 5% as against Putin’s 85%, that Nemtsov was worth more dead than alive. But the ploy, if that is what it is, has not worked inside Russia." Link: Article
The End Of The US Federal Reserve Govt. Starts When Secession Movement Begins
BUZZFEED - February 19, 2015 - "Ron Paul: "The good news is it’s gonna happen. It’s happening." "I would like to start off by talking about the subject and the subject is secession and, uh, nullification, the breaking up of government, and the good news is it’s gonna happen. It's happening," Paul, the father of potential Republican presidential candidate Rand Paul, told a gathering at the libertarian Mises Institute in late January. The event Paul was speaking at was titled "Breaking Away: The Case for Secession." Paul said secession would not be legislated by Congress, but would be de facto, predicting "when conditions break down…there’s gonna be an alternative." "And it’s not gonna be because there will be enough people in the U.S. Congress to legislate it. It won't happen. It will be de facto. You know, you'll have a gold standard when the paper standard fails, and we’re getting awfully close to that. And people will have to resort to taking care of themselves. So when conditions break down, you know, there's gonna be an alternative. And I think that’s what we're witnessing." Later, Paul said the Federal Reserve would end and the states would stop listening to federal laws they didn't agree with." "The Fed is gonna end. There is going to be a de facto secession movement going on. The states are going to refuse to listen to some of the laws. We've seen tremendous success already with states saying to the federal government, 'We're not gonna listen to you anymore about the drug laws.' And they're getting out of it, and I think the American people are waking up to that, and as far as I’m concerned, the more the merrier."" Link: Article

BATTLEFORWORLD - February 20, 2015 - We now have a marker, a warning sign, on when the United States government will begin to breakup.

Billy Meier - FIGU:
Yet the misery on Earth will continue, as two terrible civil wars will break out in America, whereby one will follow the other. Afterwards, the United States of America will break apart and deadly hostility will prevail among her, which then leads to the division into five different territories; and it cannot be prevented that sectarian fanatics will play a dictatorial role. Link: Article
US Letting ISIS In?
ABCNEWS.GO - February 18, 2015 - "Top U.S. counterterrorism officials say they worry a potential terrorist could be hiding among refugees who are looking to come to the United States after escaping the brutal war in Syria. With tens of thousands of Syrians joining groups in the region like the Islamic State, the U.S. government “cannot allow the refugee process to become a backdoor for jihadists,” they added. ...At the hearing Wednesday, an FBI official also questioned whether the U.S. intelligence community – with few assets on the ground in Syria and little insight into the country from elsewhere – can provide authorities with the information they need to properly determine whether any refugee could pose a threat. " Link: Article
US Cannot Win War Against ISIS By Killing Them - State Dept.
RT - February 17, 2015 - <<But yet the US was ready to kill/dstroy Saddam and Gaddafi, but somehow this ISIS group is special.>>
>> "The United States and its allies cannot defeat the Islamic State simply by killing militants, said State Department spokeswoman Marie Harf, adding that it must target the underlying reasons people join the group, such as the lack of job opportunities." Link: Article
Italy Fears ISIS Invasion From Libya
THEDAILYBEAST - February 17, 2015 - "
As ISIS makes inroads into Libya, officials in Rome are panicking about an Islamic State just across the sea—but have no idea how to combat the crisis. ROME - Last weekend in Italy, as the threat of ISIS in Libya hit home with a new video addressed to “the nation signed with the blood of the cross” and the warning, “we are south of Rome,” Italian prime minister Matteo Renzi shuttered up the Italian embassy in Tripoli and raised his fist with the threat of impending military action. " Link: Article
ISIS On The Doorsteps Of Europe...
INDEPENDENT.CO.UK - February 17, 2015 - "
The beheading of 21 Coptic Christians on a beach in Libya has brought Isis to the doorstep of Europe. The mass murder, which provoked a volley of Egyptian air strikes on the group’s Libyan stronghold of Derna, realised long-held fears of militants reaching the Mediterranean coast. Isis started in Iraq and now controls swathes of adjoining Syria, including along the Turkish border, as part of its so-called Islamic State. Its ideology has spread much further, with pledges of allegiance from terrorist groups in Egypt, Gaza, Jordan, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, Yemen and now Libya. ...Isis affiliates have also claimed responsibility for attacks on the Egyptian military and police in the Sinai Peninsula, further along the Mediterranean coast between Egypt and Gaza. " Link: Article
US Denies Any Role In Rise Of Islamic State Group In Syria, Iraq
ITAR-TASS - February 14, 2015 - "The United States has played absolutely no role in the emergence of the Islamic State (IS) militant group in Syria and Iraq, US State Department (BFW: The US State Department is a huge player in geopolitics and trouble-making around the world.) spokeswoman Jen Psaki has told reporters. Speaking at a briefing on Friday, Psaki said Washington believes that Damascus and the former authorities in Baghdad are mainly to blame for this process. Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov told last week’s Munich conference that at the early stage of the Syrian conflict many Western politicians said that the threat of extremism and terrorism should not be exaggerated as it would go away somehow and the key goal was to topple the regime in Damascus. "We see what has come out of this," Lavrov said, adding that no "adequate strategy" on containing these challenges has been developed so far. At Friday’s briefing, Psaki reiterated the US position that Syrian President Bashar Assad has "lost all legitimacy and must go." According to Psaki, Assad "is the biggest magnet for terrorism in the region" that he allowed the IS to "grow and prosper in his own country." "And that has led to the strength that they [extremists] have built over the past couple of years," she said, adding that the former Iraqi government’s "lack of inclusivity" and the unpreparedness of the past security forces contributed to their growth. Speaking on whether any Syrian opposition forces that the US supports have joined the IS, Psaki said that these groups need to be specified. She also said some US regional allies could have done more to crack down on financing of foreign fighters. US mass media and independent experts, including Leslie Gelb, president emeritus of the Council on Foreign Relations, say that Washington has been recently forced to cooperate with Assad’s government in counteracting Islamists. Most experts believe that this is a sound approach as prioritizing the regime change in Damascus now means giving way to fanatics who try to create a medieval caliphate in the modern Middle East. For a successful fight against the IS, Gelb says, Washington should rely on Russia and Iran and appease the US traditional allies like Turkey and Saudi Arabia who have been the main suppliers of weapons and funds to these Islamist terrorists." Link: Article
Obama Asks For Worldwide War Authority To Go After ISIS
BLOOMBERG - February 10, 2015 - "President Barack Obama will soon give Congress his proposal for a new authorization for the use of military force against Islamic State fighters, and it will place strict limits on the types of U.S. ground forces that can be deployed, according to congressional sources. ...The new statute would authorize military action against Islamic State and its associated forces, which are defined in the text as organizations fighting alongside the jihadists and engaged in active hostilities. This means the president would be free to attack groups such as the al-Nusra Front or Iraqi Baathist elements who have partnered with the Islamic terrorists in Syria or Iraq. There are no geographic limitations, so the administration would be free to expand the war to other countries. ...The president’s proposed AUMF would sunset in three years and would not give the president the unilateral authority to extend the authorization. That means the next president would have to come back to Congress for a new authorization in 2018, if the fight against Islamic State fighters lasts that long." Link: Article

22 Expanse Before World War III Erupts
Published By The Battle For World Supremacy

BATTLEFORWORLD - February 8, 2015 - News Intel: The One World Order is a conglomerate of different parts and the three main parts are the United States, Britain and Israel. This one world order was in the planning stage since the early 19th Century. The United States was pulled into the pact under President Woodrow Wilson. (The ringleader of this sadistic future saga was the bible character human male called Jehovah [of which there were three from the same family], who died in 103 BC after which his nephew took over leadership of the Earth's surface people, who was then replaced by his son, who died in the year 1976. In the context of End-Time scenarios now tormenting the Earth.) Wernher Von Braun from the Nazi era told Dr. Carol Rosin that the plan would unfold as follows: weaponization of space (the first enemy would be the Soviet empire); and that the United States will makeup other enemies to build a missile defense shield. Then the enemy would shift to rogue nations and terrorists, and terrorism. The US would then position the missile shield against Russia and, Russia would deploy countermeasures against the missile shield and countries involved in the configuration. Then things would shift to space asteroids and meteorites. And the last in the plot is a fake alien invasion scenario to solidify everything for the conglomerate power control. The United States, Britain and Israel are using companies like Black Water to recruit mercenaries (private armies) to go into other countries to stir up trouble and fight to overthrow governments and agitate conflicts to give the US and Britain international cover to deploy their armies. For example: Iraq, Libya, Syria, Turkey, Georgia, etc.; and eventually the terrorists would cross over into Russian territory and start to destabilize Russia's North Caucasus. From Syria to Russia the time expanse is 22 hours (or period of time for the US/UK Terrorism Virus to infect Turkey, Armenia, Georgia, etc.). To lock/block Russia in from Europe and Middle East locations the United States and Britain are using the former Soviet Union states of Georgia, Ukraine, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus, etc. to expand NATO.THE UNITED STATES AND BRITAIN DO NOT WANT TO DESTROY TERRORISM; THEY WANT TO SPREAD AND USE IT AS A VIRUS TO GIVE THEM INTERNATIONAL COVER TO DOMINATE THE WORLD - to bring into reality their One World Government Unipolar regime. But the United States and the British plan could go very wrong and destroy a majority of European countries and wipe-out many millions of European people.

Putin Threatens to Release Satellite Evidence of 911
PRAVDA.RU - February 11, 2015 - "Analysts believe that this is the “calm before the storm.” Putin is going to hit once, but he’s going to hit hard. Russia is preparing the release of evidence of the involvement of the US government and intelligence services in the September 11 attacks. The list of evidence includes satellite images. Published material can prove the US government complicity in the 9/11 attacks and the successful manipulation of public opinion. The attack was planned by the US government, but exercised using  her proxy, so that an attack on America and the people of the United States looked like an act of aggression by international terrorist organizations. The motive for deception and murder its own citizens served  US oil interests and the Middle East state corporations. The evidence will be so convincing that it utterly debunks the official 9/11 cover story supported by the US government. Russia proves that America is no stranger to using false flag terrorism against its citizens in order to achieve a pretext for military intervention in a foreign country. In the case of “the September 11 attacks,” the evidence will be conclusive satellite imagery. If successful, the consequences of Putin’s tactics would expose the US government’s secret terrorist policies. The government’s credibility will be undermined and should bring about mass protests in the cities leading to an uprising, according to American analysts.
Link: Article
IS Will Control Mediterranean Shore In 2 Months Unless West Helps Libya
ITAR-TASS - February 10, 2015 - "
The militants of IS terrorist group would control territory on the shores of Mediterranean “within two months” unless West helped Libya to counteract the extremists, the former PM of Libya Ali Zeidan claimed in his comments published on Tuesday in the Times newspaper. Zeidan expressed concern that the IS would seek to extend the declared “Caliphate” to the territory of Libya after the IS terrorists managed to put several territories of Iraq and Syria under control. The former head of Libyan government warned about the expansion of the IS and its presence everywhere. Ali Zeidan expressed his hope that the world community took the problem seriously. The situation in Libya was still under control, but left as it was it would not be controlled so successfully as it used to be, the former Libyan PM added. There would be a big war in the country, and in Europe too, he warned." Link: Article
This Man Will Never Be Invited Back On CNBC
ZEROHEDGE - February 11, 2015 - "While Steve had a number of hard to hear quotes for the CNBC anchors - such as: "There is no acceleration in underlying economic activity," and "There's this wrong concept that I keep on hearing about in the financial press about the acceleration in economic growth... It's not happening!" A stunned Simon Hobbs rebuffs, "That's a long list of non-ideal situations we find ourselves in," to which Ricchiuto snaps back "and we can keep on going!" "After a string of dismal data on durable goods, retail spending, and inventories, we get a good jobs number and everyone saying the economy's good - it's not good!"It was Sara Eisen that had the quote of the brief clip... (which has unbelievably been edited out since we posted it seems at around the 1:40 mark) when faced Steve's barrage of facts about the real economy, replied: "but the key is that's not what The Fed is telling us." Summing up the unbelievable 'faith'  (misplaced beyond all reputational loss) that so many have in the central planners of the world."Link: Article
Freudian Slip? CNN Says Obama Considers Arming Pro-US Troops...In Ukraine
RT - February 9, 2015 - "
Social media is abuzz after CNN labeled Ukrainian forces involved in Kiev’s deadly military operation in the country's southeast as “pro-US troops.” Online comments are calling it a Freudian slip, claiming it unmasks the true agenda behind the conflict. The news ticker during CNN’s Monday segment, dedicated to talks between Barack Obama and German Chancellor Angela Merkel on the resolution of the Ukraine crisis, read: “Obama considers arming pro-US troops.” The ticker headline was referring to the US president’s request to his team to consider the possibility of supplying lethal defense weapons to the Ukrainian government. The definition of Kiev forces as “pro-US troops” looks to be a perfect contrast to the term “pro-Russian rebels,” which is used by Western media to refer to the militias in Ukraine’s southeastern Donetsk and Lugansk Regions. Western media outlets claim the regions are receiving direct support from Russia." Link: Article
Islamic State Is Creation Of US, Chechen Leader Kadyrov
ITAR-TASS - February 6, 2015 - "
Head of Russia’s Chechen Republic Ramzan Kadyrov said on Thursday the Islamic State (IS) is the creation of the United States and other Western countries that have declared a covert war against Islam. "Wahhabis follow the path of Shaitans," Kadyrov said in his Instagram account. "They take from Islam only what they want, though Islam is the word of Allah, and it cannot be taken apart. Reports make it clear that Islamic State’s activities aim to sabotage Islam from the inside, to make the world turn away from Islam. Their brutality, shootings, beheadings, burnings are the direct continuation of what the killers of righteous caliphs did. Islamic State is the creation of the US and other Western countries that have declared a covert war against Islam," Kadyrov said." Link: Article
This Islamic State Is Effectively 'World War III'", Iraq Warns
ZEROHEDGE - February 4, 2015 - "With nearly 1400 killed in Iraq in January alone (800 of them civilians), Iraqi Foreign Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari told his visiting Austrian counterpart today that "the fight against Islamic State is effectively 'World War III' and that all the world's major capitols are under threat." Link: Article
Medvedev Warns Of "Unlimited Reaction" If Russia Cut From SWIFT
ZEROHEDGE & ITAR-TASS - January 27, 2015 - "While nations around the world continue to de-dollarize, Russia signed into law its anti-crisis plan today (details released...). Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, however, was quite vociferous in some of his threats, warning The West that the "Russian response - economically and otherwise - will know no limits" if Russia is cut off from the SWIFT payments system. Additionally, as Royce, the chairman of the House foreign affairs committee, explains Iran nuclear talks "appear to be stalemated," just days after Iran completes its de-dollarization and news today, that Russia and Iran plan to create a mutual account for bilateral payments in national currencies. ...Western countries’ threats to restrict Russia’s operations through the SWIFT international bank transaction system will prompt Russia’s counter-response without limits, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said on Tuesday. "We’ll watch developments and if such decisions are made, I want to note that our economic reaction and generally any other reaction will be without limits," he said. ...Russia intends to have its own international inter-bank system up and running by May 2015. The Central of Russia says it needs to speed up preparations for its version of SWIFT in case of possible ”challenges” from the West. "Given the challenges, Bank of Russia is creating its own system for transmitting financial messaging... It’s time to hurry up, so in the next few months we will have certain work done. The entire project for transmitting financial messages will be completed in May 2015," said Ramilya Kanafina, deputy head of the national payment system department at the Central Bank of Russia (CBR). " Link: Article
Putin's Unexpected Victory: Europe Furious That Greece Is Now A Russian Sanctions Veto
ZEROHEDGE - January 29, 2015 - "Two days ago, Zero Hedge first, and shortly thereafter everyone else, pointed out something stunning: the biggest surprise to emerge so far out of the new anti-Troika/austerity Greek government was not so much its intention to proceed with the first test of "Odious Debt" - this was largely known in advance - but its dramatic pivot away from Germany and Europe, and toward Russia.

As we noted before, not only has Greece already blocked all ongoing privatization processes, a clear snub of Merkel and the Troika which demands the piecemeal blue light special sale of Greece to western buyers as part of the "bailout", but is also looking at plans to reinstate public sector employees and announce increased pensions for those on low incomes: further clear breaches of the Troika's austerity terms.

But the most important message that Tsipras is sending to Europe is that (after meeting the Russian ambassador first upon his election) Greece is now effectively a veto power when it comes to future Russian sanctions!

This was first hinted when the Foreign Minister Nikos Kotzias, who arrives in Brussels today to discuss possible additional sanctions on Russia over the conflict in Ukraine, said a few days ago that the Greek government disagreed with an EU statement in which President Donald Tusk raised the prospect of “further restrictive measures” on Russia. As Bloomberg observed before, in recent months, Kotzias wrote on Twitter that sanctions against Russia weren’t in Greece’s interests. He said in a blog that a new foreign policy for Greece should be focused on stopping the ongoing transformation of the EU “into an idiosyncratic empire, under the rule of Germany.”" Link: Article
Greece Begins The Great Pivot Toward Russia
ZEROHEDGE - January 27, 2015 - ""Foreign Minister Nikos Kotzias is due in Brussels on Thursday to discuss possible additional sanctions on Russia over the conflict in Ukraine. Before the cabinet even meets for the first time tomorrow, the Greek government said that it disagreed with an EU statement in which President Donald Tusk raised the prospect of “further restrictive measures” on Russia." The punchline: In recent months, Kotzias wrote on Twitter that sanctions against Russia weren’t in Greece’s interests. He said in a blog that a new foreign policy for Greece should be focused on stopping the ongoing transformation of the EU “into an idiosyncratic empire, under the rule of Germany.” And when it comes to the natural adversary of any German imperial ambitions in recent history, Europe has been able to produce only one answer..." Link: Article

Russia Extends Olive Branch To Greeks...
CNBC - January 29, 2015 - "Russian Finance Minister Anton Siluanov told CNBC that Russia would consider giving financial help to debt-ridden Greece—just days after the new Greek government questioned further European Union sanctions against Russia. Siluanov said Greece had not yet requested Russia for assistance, but he did not rule out an agreement between the two countries if Greece came asking." Link: Article

Putin Pivots Back: Russia Confirms Willingness To Provide Financial Aid To Greece
ZEROHEDGE - January 29, 2015 - "We suggested the Greek pivot from Europe to Russia was building previously, and now, we get confirmation from Russia's finance minister Anton Siluanov that the pivot could be mutual, who told CNBC in the interview below: With fire and brimstone spewing from Germany over the potential for Greece to veto any and everything, it seems Russia may just have stymied Europe's leverage over the newly democratic nation. ...Recall that a German central banker warned of dire problems should the new government call the country's aid program into question, jeopardizing funding for the banks. "That would have fatal consequences for Greece’s financial system. Greek banks would then lose their access to central bank money," Bundesbank board member Joachim Nagel told Handelsblatt newspaper. Well, maybe... Unless of course Greece finds a new, alternative source of funding, one that has nothing to do with the establishmentarian IMF, whose "bailouts" are merely a smokescreen to implement pro-western policies and to allow the rapid liquidation of any "bailed out" society. An alternative such as the BRIC Bank for example. Recall that the "BRICS Announce $100 Billion Reserve To Bypass Fed, Developed World Central Banks"." Link: Article
Islamic State Operative Confesses To Receiving Funding Through US
RT - January 29, 2015 - "A man believed to be a Pakistani commander of Islamic State or Daish, Yousaf al Salafi, has confessed to law enforcement agencies in Pakistan to getting funds via the United States, according to a leading Pakistani newspaper siting its sources. ...“During investigations, Yousaf al Salafi revealed that he was getting funding – routed through America – to run the organization in Pakistan and recruit young people to fight in Syria,” a source close to the investigations revealed toUrdu-language Daily Express on condition of anonymity, according to its sister English newspaper The Express Tribune. The newspaper also claimed that Al Salafi was in fact arrested last year sometime in December. ...Al Salafi also allegedly confessed to recruiting jihadists to send them to Syria and was receiving about $600 per person. He also admitted that he had been working with a Pakistani accomplice, who was reportedly the Imam of a mosque. " Link: Article
American-Islamic Relations Council Says FBI Program Creates Terrorists
SPUTNIKNEWS - January 27, 2015 - "Council on American-Islamic Relations spokesperson Corey Saylor commented on the release of a new documentary entitled (T)ERROR which documents the FBI using paid informants not to capture existing terrorists, but to cultivate them. ...“Where you have indicators of illegal activity, the FBI should get a warrant and go after the guy. But the government should not be involving itself in creating terrorists through confidential informants targeting the Muslim community,” Saylor told Sputnik on Tuesday, reacting to the release of a new film entitled (T)ERROR, which documents the FBI using paid informants not to capture existing terrorists, but to cultivate them. The use of FBI informants to drive terrorist plots is a phenomena that has been around for a long time, Saylor explained, but up until the rise of the Islamic State, he felt things were headed in a better direction. “But the focus is back on broad surveillance of the American Muslim community, which encourages the use of these confidential informants,” he added." Link: Article
ISIS & Dick Cheney Agree That More Colossal 9/11 Event Pending
PRISONPLANET & NBCNEWS - January 25, 2015 - "A British medical student who lived with and gained the trust of Islamic State militants has news for Americans: They’re planning a bigger splash than merely beheading kidnap victims. "They are full of hate. You can see fire in their eye,” Ahmad Rashidi told NBC News chief foreign correspondent Richard Engel on Sunday's "Meet the Press." "If you smell like European, they are going to kill you." "They want to be more better than al-Qaida,” he said. "They want to do something more better than the World Trade Center."" Link: Article

RT - October 16, 2014 - Cheney: Next attack on US will be 'something far more deadlier’ than 9/11'. "Former Vice President Dick Cheney warned that the next terrorist attack on the US will be far worse than 9/11 during a nearly two-hour interview."So we’re in a very dangerous period. I think it’s more threatening than the period before 9/11,” the former vice president explained. “I think 9/11 will turn out to be not nearly as bad as the next mass casualty attack against the United States, which if and when it comes will be something far more deadlier than airline tickets and box cutters." "While headlines about the Islamic State terrorist group given Cheney new material to work with, he's preached the need for American troops in the Middle East and predicted an eventual, epic U.S. attack for more than a decade,” Bloomberg Politics noted." Link: Article
Do You Remember The US and Yugoslavia (Kosovo, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina) War?
BATTLEFORWORLD - January 29, 2015: In President Clinton administration the financial elites pushed him to go to war with Yugoslavia under false narratives similar like what was done to Saddam, Gadhafi, and now ongoing with Assad, Putin, etc. President Slobodan Milosevic in the end was taken to the elite's controlled Hague criminal court and was held in confinement until he died. Milosevic was treated badly because he had hidden large quantities of gold outside of Yugoslavia and the United States wanted to get their hands on that gold. The countries of Iraqi, Libya, Ukraine, etc. all had their gold stolen by the United States and colleagues.

And today these countries are being used to create a future wider war that will engulf Europe eventually. With the Ukraine, the United States is using Bosnia and Herzegovina to ship ammunition supplies to Kiev for use in the country's eastern region conflict zone, and Russia is warning against this move.

ITAS-TASS - January 29, 2015 - "Russia warns Bosnia and Herzegovina against ammunition supplies to Kiev. Moscow calls on Bosnia and Herzegovina to abandon plans of supplying ammunition to Kiev, the Russian Foreign Ministry’s official spokesman Alexander Lukashevich said on Thursday. The diplomat expressed concerns over reports of the planned ammunition delivery to Ukraine from Bosnia and Herzegovina, a country in south-eastern Europe that suffered the horrors of a "fratricidal war" of 1992-1995. Major concerns are that these weapons will be used by Kiev troops to continue the shelling of towns and the killings of peaceful citizens in south-eastern Ukraine, he said. "We urge Bosnia and Herzegovina’s authorities to give up plans to supply Kiev with ammunition. Such plans contradict the international norms and commitments in the framework of the OSCE (Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe) and in particular, as part of the Forum for Security Cooperation," Lukashevich said." Link: Article
Gorbachev: Ukraine Could Explode Into 'Hot War' Between Russia and The West
CSMONITOR - January 29, 2015 - "Mikhail Gorbachev, the former Soviet leader, said the West was 'dragging' Russia into confrontation.Mikhail Gorbachev, the Soviet Union’s last leader and widely credited for helping end the cold war, today blamed the West and the US in particular for “dragging” Russia into what he says could be a larger, “hot war” over Ukraine. "Unfortunately I cannot say for sure that a cold war won't lead to a 'hot' one,” Mr. Gorbachev was quoted. “I fear they could take the risk.”" Link: Article
Leading Russian Banker Warns of War Between US and Russia
PRESSTV - January 24, 2015 - "Further financial sanctions by the United States against Russia would lead Moscow and Washington to the “brink of war,” the head of a leading Russian bank has warned. Ties between the US and Russia will be severed if Russian banks were excluded from the Swift banking system due to tougher sanctions, said Andrei Kostin, the chairman of Russian state-controlled VTB Bank. "Ambassadors can leave capitals. It means Russia and America might have no relationship after that," Kostin said at the World Economic Forum on Friday. The Kremlin has described Washington’s foreign policy on Ukraine as "aggressive”, saying the policy “fails to meet present-day realities and demonstrates that the United States actually wants to dominate the world." Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov lashed out Wednesday at Obama's speech, saying the comments showed the US had adopted a policy of confrontation towards Russia." Link: Article
Greyerz: Total Global Collapse Coming
KINGWORLDNEWS - January 23, 2015 - "Man Who Predicted Collapse Of Euro Against Swiss Franc Makes Second Terrifying Prediction. Greyerz: "These decisions by the central banks have virtually no impact whatsoever on the underlying economy over the longer-term. They did what they had to do because the European banking system as well as the economy is in dire straits." Total Global Collapse: This is what all central banks have done - they’ve trapped themselves in a corner. They have zero or negative interest rates, they are printing more money, and they are buying more assets that they can’t sell and that are worth a lot less than they are paying for them. So every single central bank in the world is bankrupt because they will never, ever get the price for their assets that they paid for them. This is why the financial system will not survive, Eric, and a total global collapse is now in front of us." Link: Article
The BRICS Perspective For African Development
LAROUCHEPUB - January 23, 2015 - "On BRICS, I agree, this is just the beginning of a new international economic order; it will be a gradual, but steady process. I also agree that not everybody would agree on the importance of the BRICS bank, but the creation of the BRICS bank is significant for the future international order for three reasons. ...On the Programme for Infrastructure Development (PIDA): Because the infrastructure deficit in Africa penalizes growth and development of the continent, in July 2010, African leaders launched a new programme for infrastructure development in Africa. Led by the African Union, New Partnership for Africa's Development (NEPAD), and African Development Bank (ADB), the initiative has a budget of several billion dollars. The overall goal of PIDA is to promote socio-economic development and poverty reduction in Africa through improved access to integrated regional and continental infrastructure networks and services." Link: Article
divider Press TV Interview: ISIS A CIA Creation
PRESSTV - January 23, 2015 - "A Pentagon plan to arm and train the so-called moderate militants in Syria to fight against the ISIL terrorist group is a “total fraud” and “bogus” claim to carve out a CIA base in the region, an American journalist in Missouri says. The United States is fighting a “multi-front war” against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad because he operates independently from the West, said Dean Henderson, an author and columnist at Veterans Today. “This whole ISIS thing is just an attempt to carve out this base where CIA, Mossad, British intelligence … can operate freely and attack Syria for now but maybe later Iran,” Henderson told Press TV on Sunday." Link: Article
BRIC To Create 'Fairer World Order'

TIMESONLINE - June 17, 2009 - "With public hugs and backslaps among its leaders, a new political bloc was formed yesterday to challenge the global dominance of the United States. The first summit of heads of state of the BRIC countries — Brazil, Russia, India and China — ended with a declaration calling for a “multipolar world order”, diplomatic code for a rejection of America’s position as the sole global superpower." Link: Article