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Reports Are Compiled From Sources
22 Expanse Before World War III Erupts

Published By The Battle For World Supremacy

BATTLEFORWORLD - February 8, 2015 - News Intel: The One World Order is a conglomerate of different parts and the three main parts are the United States, Britain and Israel. This one world order was in the planning stage since the early 19th Century. The United States was pulled into the pact under President Woodrow Wilson. (The ringleader of this sadistic future saga, in the context of End-Time scenarios now tormenting the Earth, was the bible character human male called Jehovah [of which there were three from the same family], who died in 103 BC after which his nephew took over leadership of the Earth's surface people, who was then replaced by his son, who died in the year 1976.) Wernher Von Braun from the Nazi era told Dr. Carol Rosin that the plan would unfolds as follows: the weaponization of space (and the first enemy would be the Soviet empire); and that the United States will makeup other enemies to build a missile defense shield. Then the enemy would shift to rogue nations and terrorists, and terrorism. The US would then position the missile shield against Russia and that Russia would deploy countermeasures against the missile shield and countries involved in the configuration. Then things would shift to space asteroids and meteorites. And the last in the plot is a fake alien invasion scenario to solidify everything for the conglomerate power control. The United States, Britain and Israel are using companies like Black Water to recruit mercenaries (private armies) to go into other countries to stir up trouble and fight to overthrow governments and agitate conflicts to give the US and Britain international cover to deploy their armies. For example: Iraq, Libya, Syria, Turkey, Georgia, etc.; and eventually the terrorists would cross over into Russian territory and start to destabilize Russia's North Caucasus. From Syria to Russia the time expanse is 22 hours (or period of time for the US/UK Terrorism Virus to infect Turkey, Armenia, Georgia, etc.). To lock/block Russia in from Europe and Middle East locations the United States and Britain are using the former Soviet Union states of Georgia, Ukraine, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus, etc. to expand NATO. THE UNITED STATES AND BRITAIN DO NOT WANT TO DESTROY TERRORISM; THEY WANT TO SPREAD AND USE IT AS A VIRUS TO GIVE THEM INTERNATIONAL COVER TO DOMINATE THE WORLD - to bring into reality their One World Government Unipolar regime. But the United States and the British plan could go very wrong and destroy a majority of European countries and wipe-out many millions of European people.

Congress, Sequestration, Protests and False Flag Events Coming
February 6, 2015
Published By The Battle For World Supremacy

BATTLEFORWORLD - January 18, 2015 - News Intel: "
<<America is to start a new round of QE (Quantitative Easing), and will have to turn on the printing presses again.>> News Intel For Jan. 2015: Congress, this year at some point, to start implementing sequestration (i.e. austerity) on the American people. Expect anti-sequestration protests from the people, but this will be short lived or quelled, on and off, as the media covers it. Quelled implies that the CIA and FBI are going to implement false flag events to suppress the disapproval of the American people. " Link: None

The Hyperinflation (Quantitative Easing) Phase Of The U.S. Economy Begins

Sept 4, 2010
Published By The Battle For World Supremacy

Well, President Barack Obama will not resign from the presidency by his own freewill. The ruling financial elites in London, Boston and New York have decided around the last week in August 2010 to let Obama remain as president and preside over the last phase of the plan to hyperinflate the U.S. economy toward collapse. So, new life has been breathe into Obama to stay the course. The only solution by the financial elites to the economic problem we are now facing is more stimulus to pump additional monopoly money into Wall Street to give the impression as if we're recovering from the recession. And in the end, the pending economic downfall will be worldwide and could possibly lead to more wars.

Will Obama inherit a scene from Reagan's presidency?
(Update, Oct. 15, 2010: Not necessarily. The groundwork has already been laid. A delicate solution would be if Obama collapsed from stress, etc. The corporate media slant would be that the presidency was probably too stressful for him, etc. All this would be part of the cover up to explain away the soft-coup to the public. Update, Oct. 24, 2010: What seems to be the more logical path that Obama's financial masters are pursuing is to have him become a 'lame duck president' and remove him through the 2012 presidential election process. An intel news brief was posted in the 'Obama, 2010 Budget Cuts and Al Qaeda' entry dated Jan. 6, 2010 where it stated that "Obama is to be made a 'lame duck president' if he continues on the path put before him by his financial masters." Is the movement behind Obama's removal before finishing his term as president wishful thinking by the patriotic faction? I do agree that the movement has played a useful role in clipping the wings of Obama, especially the birth certificate issue.)

Jan. 29, 2011
BATTLEFORWORLD, Food Supply: Grains, vegetables, meats, etc. and other backup supplies of foods in storage are now being used up to supply supermarkets and grocery stores to feed people in the United States. Those backup stocks are not being replaced fast enough for whatever reason. The story-line will be that certain food items are in short supply causing food prices to inflate. But the dollar is also losing its purchasing power.

Oct. 31, 2010
LAROUCHEPAC.COM, Doom, The Coming Food & Financial Crisis: Lyndon LaRouche in an urgent speech published Oct. 30 stated that a worldwide food crisis is on the horizon together with the financial crisis. And that he has done all he can do to give advice and warnings, all of which were ignored by the corporate establishment. And that this is it; time is up!
(His urgent speech verified what Janet Napolitano was told about something big is going to happen and to get six months supply of food and water.) Link: Urgent Video Presentation


Rothschild's Banking Cartel Troubles
Mar. 14, 2010 - (Updated)
Published By The Battle For World Supremac

rothscAnother wave of economic turmoil is on the horizon - keep an eye on Brazil to trigger it. After which countries linked to the Jacob Rothschild, etc banking cartel called the Inter-Alpha Group ( that specializes in trading derivatives behind currency warfare worldwide is coming down. This pending turmoil will also hit the capitalist side of Russia, China, E.U., etc in league with the City of London linked to operatives involved with the Rothschild scheme, which is going to take down the dynasty of financial whores and grave diggers. Let's hope the plan succeeds. And if it does the bankers involved will be required to give back their ill-gotten gains dating back to the Nixon era. The link above leads to their website showing the octopus logo in pyramid form. (Update: The financial assault against the Rothschild banking practices is progressing. However, one of my sources is reporting that the elites are trying to slow down the crisis to impede the take down.)

There likely will be a terrorist attack, said the source, in the United States done by the elites. This will probably happen before or after the Brazil economic turmoil to take the focus off what is going on in Brazil and the Inter-Alpha Group as things spill over into Russia, China, E.U., U.S., etc.

And the public has been hearing from certain internet bloggers that Henry Kissinger was likely dead. With the elites looking sympathy for this Nazi devil, the news media is reporting that Henry Kissinger (a lab-double clone - link here) was admitted to hospital in Seoul Korea, but that he was released. So Kissinger is back on the scene and what a great way to reintroduce him. Something big is coming. Will we see the Kissinger clone on television in a similar role like what happened after 9-11 giving interviews to the media? (Benjamin Fulford in his blog entry (link here) notes that one of his sources told him that Kissinger is back and "looking very old". Was that a coded phrase? The last I recall, if correctly, was that Kissinger last interview on television was in October 2009. But now he seems to have gotten very old looking in five months compared to when he was last seen.)

Obama, according to a source, will resign from his presidency between the months of March and November 2010. The drama unfolding in secret seems to be a Nixon replay. The Nixon era started off the speculative trading scheme that was put into policy worldwide by the City of London, and Obama seems to be presiding in an era where the scheme has ran its course and is about to end. (But that if the elites decide to keep Obama in office, as the population low opinion of him increases, it could lead to the destruction of the United States. And that as we get to the end of the year there will be isolated voices talking about the impeachment of Obama on television, but that this is only useless chatter to take up airtime.)

Update May 11, 2010, The Greek Crisis & Thursday’s (May 6, 2010) Stock Market Crash: It is a financial war going on. The Austrian Templars (a mysterious shadow group) and their associates are involved. It was they and their associates who rigged the stock market drop. They are attacking the Euro for good reason. As I've stated in a previous intel enrty, the Rothschild banking house is being dealt with via interbanking, and now Euro troubles. Their interbank group, the Inter-Alpha Group of banks, is being attacked. Brazil is warming up into the global meltdown. But first the Rothschilds inter-groups are being attacked because they control the Euro currency. These inter-groups are based on speculation and monopoly money.

There is interference going on in Germany regarding the bailout package and Germany. Counter-forces are trying to impede it. If they are successful and I hope they are, the Greek crisis will get worse.

The Rothschilds are trying to stall the take down. Things are getting serious now. The Austrian Templar agents are pushing for a new Glass-Steagall Act. They claim success is near, but I will believe it when I see it. At a future date there will be something involving John McCain that has to do with him speaking out and legislation regarding Glass-Steagall. The movement is small now, but growing. There is also a split emerging in the Democratic and Republican parties. Half of both parties are controlled by the financial elites. The elite sides are running scared that they might be exposed. Lots of double-crossing going on.