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17,461 IS (Islamic State) Terrorist "Sleepers" Now In Europe; and The Zionist Angela Merkel
Published By The Battle For World Supremacy – Version 1.01
May 11, 2016 – Updated July 26, 2016

BATTLEFORWORLD – May 11, 2016 - News Intel: On behalf of the U.S., Israel, England and Saudi Arabia, 17,461 al Qaeda (ISIS, Daesh) and IS (Islamic State) sleepers, mind-programmed for violence, have sneaked in with the flow of migrants into Europe. And at the opportune time Europe can expect acts of terrorism. The western secret services have thus far denied that this has happened.

"FIGU - Contact Report #642 - January 30, 2016

Meier: You have told me at our previous meeting on January 6 that you are about to clarify how many al Qaida and IS sleepers have sneaked in with the flow of migrants into Europe.

Ptaah: This evaluation was carried out, in fact the investigation lasted until January 20, but we still continue on with it. We identified 17,461 persons that are directly connected with the IS and the al Qaida terror organization that should be designated as so-called sleepers.

Meier: Then Europe can indeed expect quite some acts of terrorism. But when I spoke and wrote that killers of the terror organizations IS and al Qaida are smuggled into Europe with the flow of migrants then it only earned laughter and the secret services even denied that this was the case."

Meier had asked Ptaah in one of the early contacts if he thinks that radical Islam could spread to Europe. Ptaah said at the time that the possibility exists, but publicly he never said how such a possibility could unfold. Would the Europeans be so stupid as to accept radical Islamic immigrants into their country? The way the penetration is being done, using fleeing refugees, is very stealthy, where the European countries do not have much say in the matter, being forced by their darling European Union dictatorship assembly. (Download this PDF and read about the "EU Dictatorship", "the Zionist Angela Merkel" and "European Union Hostility Modern Dictatorship; Not Democracy" pages 367, 529 and 582: Link: > Download From Here – MediaFire )

And Angela Merkel, a Zionist with an Israeli passport, is being ordered by the ruling elites (old wealthy families – Rothschild, the British Crown, Rockefeller, secret societies, etc.) to start a world war in Europe against Russia.

(Filed on September 5, 2015 – Writer: America has threatened Europe, that if Europe was to become friendly with Russia, that Europe would be destroyed. Not by (regular) war, but from Radical Islam Civil Wars.

Behind the scenes, Russia and (the bellicose elite faction in) America are feuding.  Russia knows why the U.S.-U.K.-Israel-Saudi created ISIS. ISIS (Daesh, IS, al Qaeda, etc.) is being used as a geopolitical virus. America told Europe that if it got too friendly with Russia, it was going to unleash refugees into Europe. This would be followed by terrorist acts inside Europe to tear Europe apart.

Russia has warned America that they will not allow ISIS to expand upward into Europe and Russia, and that America must get serious with destroying this ISIS, and if not Russia will. So, it is up to America to get serious with ISIS, if not Russia is going to step in officially to stop ISIS.)

The Elites are not the problem, the Population is, said German President Joachim Gauck. This opinion is coming from the Elites. The Terror War spreading on the planet is supposed to help decimate much of the population. The refugees are being used for a purpose. This is all preplanned to work against the people. [ And the author Samuel P. Huntington wrote a book that was published in 1996 on behave of the Ruling Elites called: The Clash Of Civilizations ] The Elites are still using parts of the old plan, clearing the planet for the pending colonizers that no longer exist.

German text: Jedoch, wie Bundespräsident Gauck, sagt: "Die ELITEN SIND GAR NICHT DAS PROBLEM. DIE BEVÖLKERUNGEN SIND DAS PROBLEM !!!" Link: Video Reference

Future-Europe 2020 resembles Circa 700 A.D., Islam

"Glimpse into future-Europe 2020 resembles Circa 700 A.D. when cities and population centers were run by barbarians, thugs, warlords, marauders, pirates who engaged in rapes, looting, pilfering, enslaving, burning, and killing. Modern, advanced, secular, beautiful Western Civilization is being replaced with medieval, immoral, backward, cultic, filthy Arabian and Middle Eastern barbarity and it's coming sooner than you can say 'Allahu Akbar'. It's only logical that the cancer should be contained before it metastasizes. The sooner the disease is dealt with, the better the prognosis." Link: Video

References – Links:
[ 'Merkel has lost contact with real world,' German politician who left her party tells RT | ISIS sends new waves of terrorists to attack Europe... | Germany to Call for Stockpiling Food, Water Fearing Catastrophic Terror Strike | Secret File Confirms Trump Claim: Obama, Hillary 'Founded ISIS' to Oust Assad | Captured Ukrainian infiltrator testifies he planned to blow up air hub, bus station in Crimea | Sanctions for All! Germany Proposes Restrictive Measures for Disloyal EU States | Merkel Critic Says Chancellor Refugee Policy 'Time Bomb'... | EU Nations Turn on Germany... 'We've had ENOUGH Merkel'... | Support For Germany's Merkel Plunges After Attacks | Angela Merkel's Popularity Falls Following Terrorist Attacks | EUROPE 'AT END OF EXISTENCE'... | Anti-fascist protesters clash with police in Germany | Thousands Of Germans In Streets Against Angela Merkel | MERKEL 'QUEEN OF SMUGGLERS'... | 'She declared war on own people': Merkel vows to stick to open door policy, faces online uproar | Merkel Announces Major Increase in Security Forces After Terror Attacks | Germany mulls internal army use as top officials claim 'Islamist terror has arrived' | MUSLIMS 'BEHEAD' PRIEST IN NORMANDY CHURCH STORM MORNING MASS ISIS CELEBRATES | Shots Fired at Doctor in Berlin, Germany, Attacker Commits Suicide | Daesh (IS) Claims Responsibility for Deadly Hostage Crisis in Church in France | Hundreds of leads on possible terrorists among refugees – German police | One Person Killed, Eleven Injured by Blast in South German City of Ansbach | Syrian Asylum Seeker Kills One, Wounds Two With Machete in German Town of Reutlingen | Six People Reportedly Killed in Shooting in Munich Mall in Germany, Police Special Forces Arrive at the Scene | Lone wolf attacks will soon morph into guerrilla war inside Europe - ex Pentagon adviser | Refugee screaming 'Allahu akbar' attacks German train passengers with axe... | Islamic State reveals it has smuggled THOUSANDS of extremists into Europe | Donald Trump: 10,000 Syrian Refugees Are Threat To America | Terror Strikes South Of France, Bastille Day Attack In Nice | Angela Merkel ADMITS groups of terrorists are in stream of migrants heading to Europe | US imported terrorism to Middle East, new Philippines president says | ISIS MOVES ACROSS EUROPE BORDERS WITH EASE...Terror Cells In Paris And Brussels Part Of A Larger Network | RISE OF GERMAN SUPERSTATE: EU MEMBERS TO DISSOLVE ARMIES SURRENDER ECONOMIC POWER | NATO Unveils New Headquarters Inspired by the Nazi SS Lightning Bolts | France, Italy, Netherlands Now Want Referendum... | Gunman Opens Fire at Movie Theater in Germany, Several Wounded | Muslim women kicked out of cafe accused of 'civilizational jihad'... | ISIS calls for attacks in Berlin and Brussels to 'paralyse' Europe in wake of Brexit chaos | German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier For Peace Stands Up Against The War-Woman Zionist Angela Merkel | Bulgaria Rejects NATO Fleet in the Black Sea, Romania Hurriedly Backs Off | Russia Won't Be Invading NATO Countries, Germany Shouldn't Help Start A New Arms Race – Schroeder | Germany slams NATO 'warmongering' on Russia... | 12 people plotting terror attacks arrested overnight in Belgium, 1 reportedly worked at airport | GEORGE SOROS: EU COLLAPSE... ECONOMIC TROUBLES... | NATO War Games Near Russia 'Pushing Humanity Towards World War III' | German right-wing leader blasts 'dictator' Merkel... | Keep out: U.S. State Department urges Americans not to visit Europe | Are NATO’s Massive War Games on Russia’s Border a Pretext to World War III | Zionists Setting Terrorists On Muslims - Iran | Kremlin: NATO is an instrument created for confrontation | Terrorists Almost Double In Germany In 12 Months | HUNGARY: USA wants to fill Europe with Muslim migrants... | France and Germany warn that ISIS is 'planning attacks' during Euro 2016 | French Security Chief Warns ISIS Plans Wave of Attacks in France | Turkish Blackmail: Ankara to Flood EU With Migrants if Visa Deal Fails | Syrian villagers describe massacre by militant group not added to UN terror blacklist | UK, US, France, Ukraine block Russia's bid to blacklist Syria militant groups | Germany investigates dozens of asylum seekers over terror links | Russian ambassador tells UN Security Council of steps against terrorist ideology | Police seize weapons 'en route to Swedish militants' | Belgium paid Al-Qaeda terrorist nearly €80k in 'moral damages' – reports | Four Women From Syrian Armed Groups Planned Terror Act in South Russia | BORIS: HOW EU WANTS A SUPERSTATE, AS HITLER DID... | Soros-Funded NGOs 'Whisper Into EU's Ear' to Encourage Refugee Influx ]

divider2 The Partitioning Of Lebanon and Syria – An Old Plan With A New Face Of Deception
Published By The Battle For World Supremacy - Version 1.2 (Updated April 16, 2016)

The Partitioning Of Lebanon and Syria – An Old Plan With A New Face Of Deception
BATTLEFORWORLD – April 16, 2016 – News Intel: Back in the early months of 1984, the U.S. and Israel was instigating the collapse of Lebanon for partition, but the Soviet Union intervened and thawed the plan. At the time, Syria was playing a role on behalf of the Soviets to help Lebanon. After the plan was disrupted, the then Old-Conservatives (i.e. a clique of Zionists and exiled Bolsheviks in the then Reagan Administration in America) and Israel realized that Syria was the problem. Using terrorism, the Pentagon, the Reagan White House and the Israeli Mossad started to implement terrorist events, blowing up things and blaming Syria. This was to maneuver Syria into a direct confrontation with the United States. Donald Rumsfeld played an instrumental role as Secretary of State with the Assad (the father) government at the time. The long term plan of the U.S. was to move conflicts closer to the borders of Russia. Thus, the joint U.S.-Israeli strategy to build from Lebanon toward eventual confrontation with the then Soviet Union was making relentless progress. So what we are seeing today, 2016, is an updated version of the old war-plans coming out of Washington, where the U.S. is using false pretenses to push for radical control of regimes close to the borders of Russia, and then work finally to destabilize Russia. Saudi Arabia had fell into the hands of the British; and U.S. into the 1980s using the young princes who came to America for their education and programming by the C.I.A. gave the U.S. traction there, which solidified the Israeli alliance – with the wolves (U.S., U.K. and Israel) manipulating Saudi Arabia toward the greater plan of world domination using Islam as the fire

The US Will Sabotage The Syrian Ceasefire To Start Implementing "Plan B", The Partitioning Of Syria

BATTLEFORWORLD - February 23, 2016 - News Intel: Secretary of State John Kerry told a Senate committee that the US has a "Plan B" if the Syrian ceasefire fails. That the US will begin arming the Syrian Rebels to fully destabilize Syria, so that the Rebels come in direct combat with Assad's forces and the Russian military. The US Neo-conservative hawks believe that "Plan B" will force the implementation of the long realized strategy for the partitioning of Syria, the opinion of the US Brookings Institute. (To secure transit corridors is the secret plan. When you steal the land and seat your puppets that are educated in the West, the multinational corporations get the best deals.) Some might consider this plan to be a wonderful foreign policy gift for the next president of the United States. Its implementation will force a trembling response.

References – Links:
[ Saudi Arabia And Qatar ARE Funding ISIS... | 'US-led criminal enterprise in Syria threatens the world' | Russia Ready to Call on Syria Gov't to Allow al-Nusra to Leave Aleppo Armed - Russian FM Lavrov | US to dismember Syria under the Balkan scenario | Leaked Tapes Reveal Secretary of State John Kerry Still Wants War Against Syria | Lavrov to BBC: US protecting Syrian Al-Qaeda / Nusra for plan B to change regime in Syria | 'US had never had 'Plan A' for Syria, West a root cause of crisis' – Syrian UN envoy to RT | US 'spare Nusra for plan B' to change regime in Syria – Lavrov | US Could Have Plotted to Use Terrorists as 'Plan B' in Fight With Assad - Lavrov | US Armed Forces Apparently Do Not Obey Obama's Orders on Syria - Lavrov | US-Backed New Syrian Army: Part of a Plan to Establish Pipelines? | Catfight: Pentagon and CIA at Odds Over Syria | US asks Russia not to target Al-Qaeda branch in Syria – Russian FM Lavrov | Caught on camera: US Special Forces on ISIS frontline in Syria | Al Qaeda Goes to Washington for Consultations with U.S. State Department | Moscow calls on EU not to support Turkey’s plans of safety zones in Syria | Déjà Vu? 'West Prepares Libyan Scenario for Syria' | US Senate Foreign Relations Chair Calls for 'Plan B' in Syria | US-backed Proxies, Use Ceasefire in Syria to 'Regroup, Rearm and Prepare' | Russia FM: There is no "plan B" on Syria and there never will be | Lavrov: Those questioning viability of Russian-US agreements on Syria are calling for war | US officials tried to sabotage ceasefire agreement on Syria – Russian Foreign Ministry | Does Kerry's 'Plan B' on Syria Originate From 2008 Secret US-Saudi Plan? | Kremlin Comments on Kerry's 'Plan B' Should Syrian Ceasefire Deal Fail | Russia role vital to Syrian truce, but US has ‘Plan B’ – Kerry | Syria truce center launched at Khmeimim airbase, Russia hands over hotline contact to US ]

Published By The Battle For World Supremacy - Version 1.0 (Updated February 24, 2016)

BATTLEFORWORLD – February 24, 2016 – News Intel: The world domination animal that is trying to subdue and rule the Earth. These formations are only a part of the Beast System Movement of Globalization: USCENTCOM, USSOCOM, USNORTHCOM, USSOUTHCOM, USPACOM, USSTRATCOM, USTRANSCOM, USEUCOM, USAFRICOM. Watch this documentary – AFRICOM: The USA returns to Africa: Link: Video

References – Links:
[ Ex-Bush Official: 'War is a Racket' Led by Corporations, Not Security | The Secret American Dream: The Creation of a New World Order with the Power By Nicholas Hagger Author | Unified Combatant Command ]

The Revelation Of
Ogmios, The Great Leader Foretold Centuries Ago By The French Seer Nostradamus

Published By The Battle For World Supremacy - Version 1.24 (Updated May 27, 2016)

BATTLEFORWORLD – October 25, 2015 – News Intel: The terrorist movement being spearheaded by the United States, Britain, Israel, Europe, Saudi Arabia, etc. will eventually fail. The counter forces fighting against this western-backed terrorist movement will eventually win, but the fight will be long and bloody if the West decides to continue to support terrorism to fulfill its geopolitical goals of pipeline...transit corridors, waterways, etc. In the quatrain below, Nostradamus hinted at the arrival of Putin and the now unfolding strategic battle in the Middle-East.

Ogmios (i.e. President Vladimir Putin of Russia) will approach great Byzantium (i.e. Syria, Turkey, Egypt, etc.), the barbarian (i.e. the US-Western Terrorist Movement) league will be driven out. Of the two laws, the pagan (used as a derogatory word: i.e. anti-human ideology, the radicalization of Islam by the West for geopolitical goals) one will fail. Barbarian and freeman (i.e. the supporters against the US-Western Terrorist Movement) in perpetual struggle.

This is an important step for President Putin to make. It is a logical and destined step written in prophecy. ISIS/Daesh and other Jihadist (i.e. al-Qaeda, ISIL, etc.) groups are known as the "barbarian league". These terrorist groups are generated by the West and their allies for geopolitical goals. ISIS was created to destabilize Syria and overthrow President Assad so that the US-British-Israeli-Saudi clique can install a government that is geopolitically friendly to future oil and gas economic infrastructure corridors controlled by multinational corporations. And the September 11, 2001 terrorist attack that took place in New York was due to the fact that Britain and the United States are in a state of economic collapse from pursuing world domination plans, military spending for world police force, financial theft, etc. And the 911 terrorist plot was organized by shadow elements [some of whom worked prior for intelligence agencies] of the Ruling Elites to buy time, as they stirr up conflicts worldwide to confuse the masses, until they have figured out how to rebuild their bankrupt collapsing financial empire. But will they be able to accomplish that task? And the acts of proxy wars using terrorist/rebel fighters are part of the movement to grab important land areas in the Middle East, Africa, etc. for future control to continue swindles and revenue theft by the Ruling Elites – two chief executives, male individuals approximately 88 years of age today (although younger family members are in charge at certain levels), one is in the City of London and the other is in New York City, who manipulates different agencies of the US government and other countries. And these men are the hidden rulers and whatever they want done, gets done. And they are the ones who give power and life to the image of the presidential administrations (i.e. ...Carter, Reagan, Bush Sr., Clinton, Bush Jr., Obama... Always focus on the foreign policy. They will have the presidents deceive the public using different verbal approaches, but the aim of the foreign policy remains the same) to fulfill their goals in their grand bestial geopolitical worldwide domination movement. The land grabs cannot be done through honest negotiations and must be done using deception. And the terrorist incidents happening worldwide are the effects (which my source refers to as exciting theatre/drama and the public as actors) from the movement to sway opinions and animate the people with news events being reported.

The conflicts are coming to an end
(i.e. the final chapter of battles) as the Great Leader from the forces of good confronts the Anti-Christ (i.e. the North America One World Order Movement Dictatorship by the Ruling Elites). When will the conflicts end? All will be decided into 2020 and 2030. And from now until that time period great changes, causing strife, will happen in America.

Despite what America says, keep in mind that President Putin is an extremely "deep fixture" in prophecy. He's an old soul and has his priorities straight. He knows what is important and what is not for the final outcome. He has a powerful cloak behind him. He was trained for this mission in all technical spheres and he knows who the real global enemy-aggressor is. When he has completed his mission, he will radiate a presence as if he was a pope. Putin will be around for a longtime to see the completion of the mission in order to start the foundation for world peace. He's compared to POPE JOHN XXIII – Angelo Roncalli, who was known as the "caretaker pope." How long will Putin be around? He will become more bald headed.

President Putin is clearing the way for the "Great Genius" who will come after him. A humanitarian group that will be steered by a special individual who will be concerned with healing the planet after the chaos is over. Nostradamus has named Putin correctly. He is Ogmios, which means a Great Leader or a Great Hero. The fulfillment of prophecy.

(NOTE: I have known about this fixture in prophecy, the counter-balance, since the late 1990s and have kept it secret. But after reading the article below I decided that it was time to reveal it.)

Putin Exposed West's Intentions and "Became Mo