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Questions For ALLAH (With Answers Provided): Quran 49:13
Feburary 16, 2016

>O humankind, we created you from a male and a female, and we made
>you races and tribes for you to get to know each other.?
>Quran (49:13)

Three male scientists, and their names were: (2) Semjasa, the father of a tier of the white race, called Adam. The Earth human that gave birth to Adam was called EVA. Eva was a degenerated human being that came from a long ago settlement. She was born on Earth. This fair-skinned race that some called white, started in the area of the Black Sea in Eastern Europe.

(1) Asasel, the father of a tier of the dark race, called Ledon, that is the Asian Indians and the ones we today call Arabs.

(3) Sartael, the father of the Hebrew race, called Tet-el. Hebrew also means Hebron, etc. The name means GYPSIES or OUTCAST. This race became the favorite of Jehovah, the long dead human leader.

>OH ALLAH! (God of Cattle) Who is the WE?

Semjasa, Asasel, Sartael and they were all sub-leaders and scientists under the leadership of JHWH Arus.

>OH ALLAH! Who were the male and female we were created from? originally?

The "WE" were Earth humans from a long ago settlement who originally came from the stars, and the new forms created from them were called Ledon, Adam and Tet-el. And other human races populated the Earth during that time.

>OH ALLAH! Why did you not make just One race and tribe so we wouldn't have xenophobia?
> (fear of strangers)

Because our old, old...forefathers were conquerors!!! And they visited different star systems and settled on worlds that were different and thus also on those worlds the races there were different.

Each planet, its evolution scheme DNA blueprint, is allowed to bring forth three different races. Why? The Human Being has to evolve its mental EGO... into that of peace, feelings, etc. The Universe does not cater to any one race-type or color. The xenophobia is a misfortune of degenerate EGO that has to be purified with enlightened knowledge through evolution.

>OH ALLAH! Forgive me, I know you don't like Hard Questions...

That's ok. They weren't difficult to answer. And Allah's name was Gospod, and he's long dead. Allah was his "rank" and he was just a leader who came to Earth to guide Mohammad. The Islamic teachings of Mohammad today, ARE NOT THE TEACHINGS given to Mohammad 100%. They were corrupted/altered...and much of the teachings were from strayed cults before even when Christianity was born.

And you can read more in PDF form at the following link. Enjoy the PDF book: Version 4-2016 (UPDATED), PDF Format - Link: > Download from MediaFire

The Rapture, The Coming Of Jesus Christ

Reply by Tonzal: RumorMillNews Forum; The Rapture; Posted By: Watchman

>Here are a few happenings which will occur before the return of Jesus..
>False Jesus will come first:

The Earth man already has the false Jesus Christ. That is who the Christian religion is praising. The false Jesus Christ appeared in doctrine form 150 years after the death of Emmanuel. This was facilitated through Saul-Paul, and one of Emmanuel's biological son.

The Christian gospel the people on Earth obeys today is based partly on the foundation teachings of the first messiah, the Jewish prophet Menahem. Menahem appeared approximately 100 years before Emmanuel. And after Menahem died, Emmanuel appeared approximately 30 years later. And after his so-called crucifixion death at that time, the Jesus Christ invention appeared approximately 150 years later; controlled by the church.

The Christians of today believe that they are observing Emmanuel's teachings, but they are not. The bible of today was heavily falsified over centuries by church scribes, creating the foundation of organized religion. The teachings of Emmanuel were altered to fall in line with the Resurrection and Ascension, and the focal point of Jehovah the God.

When Emmanuel was preaching his teachings in his time, many of the people back then, were confused, because they were already familiar with the teachings of the Jewish Menahem and other old (bible) scriptures from prophets. The teachings of Menahem handed down the foundation for the Resurrection and Ascension, placing Jehovah, the mortal human being, as the God-head, the all-powerful. Emmanuel's appearance in the first century A.D., as a prophet, was to disrupt and teardown the teachings of Menahem and the old corrupted teachings that would make their way into the Christian bible to follow. That was what got Emmanuel in trouble. And the spreading of his teachings only worked for a short while, because he was captured and crucified, and that destroyed the Emmanuel movement in Palestine. After the crucifixion event was over, Emmanuel recovered and fled Palestine. The church organizers went to work with the help of Saul-Paul and the work that materialized after the process was completed by the church scribes - was an overlay doctrine and personality, placing the character Jesus Christ in the same timeline as Emmanuel. That is what became organized religion and is continued today.

>Without a doubt, the Pre-Trib 'rapture' is at the top of this list.

Emmanuel never spoke about a rapture. That is coming from the tradition of Menahem and is connected to his Resurrection teachings. In England briefly by someone named Margaret Macdonald, and later in the United States, the rapture knowledge was, is being pushed by priests influenced by Freemasons.

>Secondly, the Word states that the earth endures forever.
>I.E. there is NO END OF THE EARTH.

The life of the Earth is finite, and it will end at some point very far in the future, and so will our Sol Sun and the Earth's Moon. The purpose of organized religion is to keep man in allegory, a state of stagnation (hoping and wishing - as the elites mentally and physically abuse the people during their gameplay of wars and strife), and to hide secret technologies enabling his comfort, away from him. Organized religion does not want the average man to grasp knowledge and realize that he himself is God. If man comes to the realization that he's capable of Godship, organized religion can no longer lock his mind up in allegory.

PS: Reading material here: Link: Article

Afterlife, Indigo Children, Soul, Spirit

Reply by Tonzal: RumorMillNews Forum; 2011 - Paul Simon - "The Afterlife"; Posted By: pax

> Then a voice from above, sugar coated with Love said, ** "Let us begin" **.

The 'DIGESTION' process of the soul, the personality, departed from, begins. It is the judgment process for everyone, and no one escapes this process period!!! From this process the former life experience gets graded.

>then you wait in the line.

Well, you do have to wait in line, but the DIGESTION begins immediately after death. The wait in line means that the time you'll spend in the Etheric Plane (around the Earth. All life sustaining planet has one) is 1.52 X Age of Death, Added to the year that the person died, and is totaled. Not all the time the Spirit gets to complete its full wait, digesting 100% of its former soul also known as personality to create a '100% new soul'.

Just like how you have premature births, you also have the harvesting/birthing of premature new souls. A 'premature new soul' means that your former old soul/personality did not finish digesting 100%. The digestion process simultaneously creates a 'new soul' and the Spirit will use this new soul for its next rebirth.  When the 'new soul' is not 100% completed, it is called a 'premature soul'. Because, the Spirit is signaled to quickly complete the waiting time by 'force!!!', and that means the 'new soul' has to reverse back into some of the 'old soul/personality', pulling the remaining undigested 'old soul' into the 'new soul' sack. For example, if the 'new soul' sack attached to the Spirit is formed from 70% of the already digested personality; that means 30% is still undigested. So, to complete the process, the 'new soul' has no choice but to reverse back into the 'old soul' remaining amount, the 30%, and pull these memories back into the new soul sack to make up the 100% completion process.

Are there consequences from this premature action? YES!!! I won't go into this fully, because many will find the answers regarding certain peculiars existing in life. But one of the features of this are the 'Indigo Children' because their past lives are not being fully digested.

Why premature souls happen? Too many heterosexuals are procreating on the planet. This topic of late has become very touchy, and among the population, no one will listen, and so regulation is out of the question.

>OK, a new kid in school, got to follow the rule,
>you got to learn the routine.  

Naturally. That is the journey of every 'new soul'. But when there is a 'premature new soul', that means 'it is not brand-new'! One of the peculiars is that of a 'so-called gifted child' -- someone with talent who has had no training in this life. The New Age movement uses a term called 'Indigo Children', referring to children with strange-behaviors of the mind (overly knowledgeable for their young age). 99.9% of the psychologists and psychiatrists have no idea what is going on. The current premise regarding 'Indigo Children' is incorrect.

>just to glimpse the divine

No. Each human being already has a piece of the divine.

>Well it seems like our fate to suffer and wait for the knowledge we seek.

Yes. That comes from evolution. And the human being is not finished evolving. Evolution entails all areas of human development from coarse to fine.

>After you climb, up the ladder of time,

That is what evolution is, a ladder.

>the Lord God is here.

Nope. A God will be forever a human being and temporal.

>Face to face, in the vastness of space,
>your words disappear.  And you feel like swimming in
>an ocean of love, and the current is strong.

Those words will not yet make sense to the Earth man, for he still walks is ignorance/unawareness.

May 29, 2010

Post by Tonzal:

I know Benjamin Fulford is saying that the Bush-Nazi gang setoff the BP (British Petroleum) oil spill, but this does not follow. Why would the British kick themselves in the foot? The One World Order agenda that is coming out of British circles (like the Prince Philip World Wildlife Fund, etc) is using the environment to bring about their One World Order. That is where the Green Movement and their technologies (solar, wind, ocean turbines, etc) are coming from and the chatter about solutions to save the environment. Also factor in the carbon tax scheme, etc.

Now, one of my sources said that only when Obama is gone will there be hope, because Obama is taking his cue from the British and has now become an obstacle to the revival of America and is only bringing about her destruction to make possible the British dream of a renewed empire - their One World Order plans.

And the corporate press is hiding the fact that BP means British Petroleum. I don't think the public knows what BP stands for. If the public becomes aware that British Petroleum owns the company that is unable to stop the oil spill in the Gulf which is killing ocean and plant life, can the British again boldly seek public attention and speak about saving the environment when they themselves are now polluting it? They would be seen as hypocrites.

The Gulf oil plague threatens Obama's presidency. The oil spill is destroying the pristine shoreline waters in the Gulf area:

May 29, 2010
Tom Heneghan - International Intelligence Expert: "We can divulge that Obama refused to react to this national emergency given the blackmail being exercised on him by Rahm Emanuel and others on behalf of British Petroleum financial interests. " Link: Article

dlineFeb. 14, 2010

Reply by Tonzal:


1. >The year of the great seventh number accomplished,
2. >It will appear at the time of the games of slaughter,
3. >not far from the age of the great millennium
4. >when the dead will come out from their graves.

Nostradamus Century X, Quatrain 74.

I know this prophecy very well.

1. The seventh number is not yet finished, but we have entered into the number, i.e. age. Nostradamus calls it 'Great Portions' and it is divided into seven parts. Many who are scholars of Nostradamus are not aware of these ages.

2. We are in the time of the great seventh number. We entered that age as an Earth civilization in the year 1858. This is the time of slaughter; the games of slaughter -- gladiatorial type games, i.e. civil wars, military wars, television combat blood sports/games for entertainment, etc. (LaRouche has said that the British would setup gladiatorial plays (i.e. civil wars) where the people would just relentlessly kill each other. In today's age of computer video games gladiatorial killings are considered to be the best parts in these games.)

3. The age (grow old/the age is finishing/ending) of the great millennium has not arrived yet. That is when the seventh number or the 7th Great Portion is completed/finished/used-up. We are still far-away from completing/finishing that number. (When we entered the year 2001, we accomplished/brought about the 21th Century, but we have not used it up.)

4. Implies that we will become peaceful and human behaving again, and will have to leave the planet Earth. That is when the 7th Great Portion is finished or exhausted. The SOL system is known as a dying solar system. We were placed here because this region is remote and dying and at some point we would have to leave. (The Christians call it Judgment Day when the Earth will end, which is very much overly exaggerated by them or simplified in kindergarten vernacular. Imagine, we still have adults repeating nursery rhymes -- child friendly format tales. These tales were created some 10,000 years ago.)

I did leave out the Great Portion calculations.

Another prophecy I know very well is 'Nostradamus Century I, Quatrain 48'. It happens after the above prophecy.


dlineMar. 4, 2010

Reply by Tonzal:

RumorMillNews Forum; Mt 24:37-39 (Something Wrong With This Picture); Posted By: rds2301

>Mt 24:37-39 (Something Wrong With This Picture)
>i.e. Jesus Christ returns on Earth

All that is old-temple stuff that plays up to the people controlled by early (primitive) religion. Our religion is not naturally occurring. It is extraterrestrial inspired from 10,000 years ago. At the time our cognitive skills and the language of the people could not grasp what advanced beings were telling them, and so much of it was written in simple reading form and allegory. These extraterrestrials were all males, educated to the rank to God (which means king or master of wisdom/knowledge) and those who were not educated, gave themselves that title. The closest thing the Earth civilization has to God status is PhD - a doctorate. The highest degree awarded by a graduate school, usually to a person who has completed at least three years of graduate study and a dissertation approved by a board of professors.

The current level of PhD will have to be upgraded to include more range - at least four areas of specialty, and this will begin to happen when we have a lifespan of 200-400 years of age. When true focus is on education it will be for free. Remember, we have developed technology to make learning easier. The only thing we will have to do the normal/laborious way is physically master dexterity and verbal traits after the knowledge is downloaded. In the Age of Science it will be a requirement for all in the population to achieve the lowest education at least an Associate or Bachelor degree. High school level education and dropouts will be passé. Social problems sneakily cultivated by the elites create stresses in certain areas of the population which in turn develop the underclass.

As the civilization advances in knowledge, the bottom feeders, i.e. the population, their knowledge has to be updated too. That is the crux of where we are at now. You have the old-temple mindset that has indoctrinated many with the old stuff to keep them in a certain frame of mind. These ones, the people, have held on to that knowledge and are refusing to let it go because they consider it to be true and sacred. It is going to take another 500-700 years to eradicate the old-temple stuff.  Nostradamus wrote about this in Century V-79: "The sacred pomp will come to lower its wings at the coming of the great lawgiver. He will raise the humble and trouble the rebellious; his like will not again appear on Earth." Only "his like" (i.e. his messiah role), but he will be around until the end, and that is when the dead (Earth humans) will come out of their graves (mind bondages/old temple paradigms). This pending reappearance of the messiah will spread the teachings of reincarnation, etc, after which all the religions, Christianity, Islam, Judaism, etc will fall.

Remember now, we are entering into an era where the power will shift from the lawyers to the scientists. The scientists will make their share of big mistakes too, but they will bring the gold (i.e. golden age) to the people. The elites (i.e. Venetian-British nest) are trying to hold on to power with their Climate Change scam wanting to monetize it, but in truth though there is really a climate change problem, and I hope the other side will bring this truth to the people and stop the old temple elites from exploiting things.

Feb. 24, 2010

Post by Tonzal:

RumorMillNews Forum; The camps are coming. It will be based on something like what happened in the depression; Posted By: Rayelan

The camps are coming. It will be based on something like what happened in the depression. Men and women will be rooted up from their place of location. They will be trained, retrained, etc. They are going after areas/cities with large unemployed population. The camps will include all the racial groups. Don't look for it to happen this year 2010; it will happen when the economy, what is left of it can no longer be sustained. People will go hungry, crime will increase, etc before the rebuilding plan begins.

The two groups fighting: The one behind the One World Order wants an information service economy; want to keep the people linked to internet things like MySpace, Facebook - narcissistic stuff. While the other group wants to use the abundance of able bodied people in America to rebuild America - construction stuff, the rebuilding of things that the One World Order tore down or left to decay.

Researchers should start to compile some of the events, stories that unfolded during the Great Depression in America, and also how people in the Soviet Union dealt with the coming down of Communism, the difficult times they had to endure, etc.

Plans are being made for this eventuality. The second group believes that it is wasteful to let people become throwaways and useless. While the first group believes that the throwaways should be exterminated as they hunt down each other during scarcity.

Feb. 26, 2010

Reply by Tonzal:


>A representative of former US vice-President Dick Cheney also contacted the BDS in
>Italy and indicated a large chunk of the US intelligence establishment was also looking
>to ally itself with Pentagon white hats and distance itself from the Washington D.C.
>crime syndicate. …The criminals in D.C….

This crime syndicate in Washington DC sounds like a bunch of runny nose college kids that have managed to figure out criminality all on their own and, is holding the U.S. government hostage. And so these ones Fulford mentions are distancing themselves from them. It reads like what is going on with Obama that he's doing all this on his own and so he has to go. With this type of reading into the situation, the elites are never targeted/touched because their patsy subordinates are always the ones to go. In this way, the elites just school, dress and program another patsy and put s/he in and the defrauding starts all over again. (Many years ago, one of my sources said, the only use the U.S. political parties have is to mudsling on each other. I termed it troubles in the Age of Reason -- which is bringing about social problems and is coming to an end. Next will be the Age of Intellect, which will usher in the age of Science to the population. The next age after that is the Age of Real Life [Utopia]...)

I am aware that the Illuminati is not all-powerful as many say, but they do play a role in much of the things going on, on the planet. That goes for the old Vatican Illuminati and later the Rothschild Illuminati. The Rothschild house is now crumbling -- info released today. The Vatican Illuminati, if they decide not to change, then the church must fall, and when it does it will not be of their own freewill.

>There are many ongoing negotiations which are complex and
>technical in nature so it is not clear exactly when the new global
>paradigm will be publicly announced.

Correct. Announcements near or after 2012. But I don't know if all will be happy.

And the owners of the so-called "666 moons" around the Sun are on standby if WWIII should erupt.

Feb. 14, 2010

Reply by Tonzal:

RumorMillNews Forum; It Fits the 2001,2010, 21 1/2 Twist Theme; Posted By: in_PHI_nitti

>Did anyone notice this Pic yesterday of Joe Biden with the Light Halo? It went up on
>Google News for a minute. I screen shot it and then it was Gone. Biden made an
>appearance yesterday at the Olympics. Not Obama. Changes coming?

Go over to my site and look at the beginning of the 'intel' page. I did post an intel blurb about Biden on Feb. 7, 2010: (Link Expired)

Jay Rockefeller is not pleased with Obama. But that is because Obama is not so far doing what he wants 100%. I have been talking about this tug-and-war taking place before he was elected. Faction2 agents (i.e. people who works for them) are going after Obama. The Faction2 people, the patriotics, are pushing for more efficient forms of energy - they are not into solar, wind, the continuation of coal, etc. These energy forms are being pushed by the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, etc. What I think will happen is that the feuding factions will cut out their own paths, and so you will see a mixture of different energy forms and then the phasing out of the old stuff over time.

All we can do is watch and see how things unfolds.

That was a good guess on your part.